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Friday, 25 September 2020

Virgins & Vixens $5.00

Virgins & Vixens: $5.00 by @goldenlassogirl

Publisher: Golden Lasso Games

At a time in history when women are striving to be seen as equals, it is crucial that we recognize the flaws in our oral traditions and strive to improve how women are portrayed. Virgins & Vixens gives players the opportunity to reshape the women in folklore and create new ideas about how women can behave... maybe saving the day in the process!

Virgins & Vixens Game Information:

  • Stand alone: You don't need any other game books to play!
  • All ages: Young children may need help with some of the vocabulary
  • Designed for Narrator (GM) & 1-4 players but up to 8 can play
  • Narrative game design encourages creativity and role-play
  • Short 10 page booklet has a Narrator's Guide, works with text-to-speech, and is searchable on digital devices
  • 8 custom Storybooks (character sheets) included
Players start out as one of 8 classic women archetypes found in folklore, fairy tales and mythology around the world. These archetypes have severe limitations - just like the one-dimensional tropes of women found in these types of stories! Through game-play mechanics like Defiance Rolls and collecting Empowerments, the players break out of these constraints and rewrite the tale of their character!

This game is a stand-alone tabletop role-playing game. Everything you need to play is included in the download, except for dice.

Note: This game book includes historical art from around the world, including Egypt, India, Africa and more. A few instances display some partial nudity, similar to what you would see in a museum.

Virgins & Vixens

Price: $5.00

KISHU $10.00

KISHU: $10.00 by @DomLiotti

Publisher: Dom Liotti

The year is 1986.

In the 18 years since the alien outworlders first made contact with humanity, the hypercapitalism of the Second Industrial Revolution has brought about an unstoppable climate apocalypse.

The remaining disparate landmasses of Earth are now connected over the radioactive sea by great bridges known as Ultrahighways. These treacherous asphalt frontiers, crawling with violent motorcycle clubs, are all that separates you and your gang from bringing a mysterious alien artifact to the People’s Resistance: humanity’s last hope to wrench itself from beneath the bootheel of the global military police and the reign of the God-King Ronald Reagan.

Navigate the Ultrahighways, evade the MP, and withstand ravaging superstorms with nothing but your gang, your cycle, and a mission: deliver the artifact at all costs.


Price: $10.00

Glorious Briterra $2.49

Glorious Briterra: $2.49

Publisher: Mundos Infinitos

This is an minimalistic game about arthurian-like knights that journey to adventure, seduce beatiful maidens and fight the evil in the lands, for immortal glory.

I hope you like it, all payments become my dinner.

Glorious Briterra

Price: $2.49

Yep, That's Me: An Absurd, SciFi One-Shot $2.00

Yep, That's Me: An Absurd, SciFi One-Shot: $2.00 by @UB_Anthology

Publisher: Universe Ball Anthology

A short, absurd, SciFi with a rules-light system.

Gameplay Premise: This game begins in a freeze-frame with each player in the midst of a wacky randomized situation which they will have rolled for. Players must then introduce themselves by saying, “yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.” After everyone is introduced, the game master will then flash everyone back to a random starting location, and the meta-goal is for players to figure out how they end up in their wacky situations in time for their story's climax. They must do this by setting it up in as natural of a way as possible as they play.

Plot Premise:  You’re at a medieval convention in the year 8032 on the planet Earth. Humans, aliens, and robots have all gathered at real castle ruins to cosplay as knights, wizards, and dragons and share their love for the ancient time period. Your goal at this convention is to get the autograph of Chester Stretch, the famous actor of a long-running medieval-fantasy show that’s been on the air for 408 years.

System: This game is more focused on roleplay than game mechanics. All you will need to know is how to roll skill checks for Strength, Wisdom, Charisma, and Dexterity. Constitution and Intelligence have been removed for simplicity sake, but feel free to bring them back and edit rules as you wish.

  • Play as futuristic characters dressed in medieval cosplay

  • Rules light

  • 6-Page One-Shot

  • 1-4 Hour Sandbox Game

  • 2-4 Players (Plus a GM)

Yep, That's Me: An Absurd, SciFi One-Shot

Price: $2.00

in*die zine - September 2020 $5.00

in*die zine - September 2020: $5.00 by @in_die_zine

Publisher: in*die zine

Welcome to in*die zine, a new tabletop roleplaying zine of high-quality indie content! This issue features nine incredible and innovative games, four instructive and provocative articles, four useless and system-agnostic supplements, and six moves inspired by hit musicals!

All proceeds go directly to the creators of this zine, and your support is a vote in support of the indie TTRPG scene!

Credits: The indie Network is written by Zoe with art by Nynphaiel. Exodus is written by Andrew Grondin with art by Nynphaiel. The Lonely Giant is written by Nick Wedig with art by Nynphaiel. HyperHalfling's Loot Tables is written by The Hyper Halfling. The Last Rebel is written by W.H. Arthur with art by Jane Hermiston. #SixMoves Les Miserables Edition is written by Logan. A Wood Heart is written by James Chip with art by Georgie Bats. Rolling in the Aisle is written by Dave Joria. Loot It or Lose It! is written and illustrated by Sam Gundaker. two // one is written by Vivian J. The Maven Guide is written by Alda. Artefact Affinity is written by Nathan Blades with art by Nynphaiel. Die20! is written and illustrated by Julian K. Gifts of Gods is written by Steve Dee. Poems and Songs for Yon Adventures is written, composed and performed by Sen.H.H.S. The Summoning Part 1: The Familiar is written and illustrated by Nynphaiel. Red Box Dawn: The Ballad of Bargle is written by Andi Lennon. Subject 3 Prone is written by Georgie Bats. Layout by Jane Hermiston. Editing by Marx Shepherd. Cover art by Jane Hermiston. This project was organised by Marx Shepherd.

in*die zine - September 2020

Price: $5.00

Skill Heaven [Free]

Skill Heaven [Free]: by @Grepehu

Skill Heaven is a short Roleplaying Game (RPG), written to be easy to learn, set up and play. You probably won’t take more than 5 minutes to completely understand how it works. And although being too short, it also contains enough rules to help you making a considerable long story with many episodes.

If you’re new to RPGs, you should know that these games are basically a way of telling stories with your friends, where the rules only serve as a guideline to make things unpredictable and at the same time organized.

To play Skill Heaven you’re going to need a pen, a piece of paper and about five coins (although deeper into this file I’ll talk about optional rules where you don’t even need those). Besides that you’re going to need 3 to 6 players, where one will be the Game Master (GM) that will tell a story, while the rest play the roles of the main characters of this story, the Playable Characters (PC).
Download NowName your own price
Click download now to get access to the following files:


Radical Catgirl Anarchy [Free]

Radical Catgirl Anarchy [Free]: A microgame for three or more players

Radical Catgirl Anarchy

Jorogumo Farmers' Almanac [$8.00]

Jorogumo Farmers' Almanac [$8.00]:

Jorogumo Farmers’ Almanac is a game where all the players are Jorogumo, each gets their own waterfall, spider minions, and a home to store produce.

There is no Game Master, although one player can be the Facilitator and help run the game system.

You are Jorogumo, a large spider who can transform into human form and who can control your many normal sized spider friends.

As Jorogumo you make your home in a waterfall and steward its surrounding flora and fauna. You make way by growing produce on your own farm that you can sell in Town. Jorogumo occasionally capture and eat men to consume their Soul Points. You have done this in past by deceiving them, ensnaring them in your webs and drowning them in your waterfall or using your venomous bite.

Made for #FolkloreJam2020
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:
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Free communitiy coppies for download available to anyone!



The Spider and The City [$10.00]

The Spider and The City [$10.00]: by @chaibypost

You are a criminal mastermind. You are the spider lurking in the shadows. In a city that was held in the vice grip of Celestial Law, you have never followed a rule that you didn’t write.

You are your own master - a leader of a hard-bitten crew, holding court in the seedy underworld that thrives below your city’s paper- thin facade of order and normality. The rich don’t believe you exist. The poor know you all too well - your justice is often the only one they can access.

But now the city of Inquilad - your city - is free. As the kingdom lies in ruins, the people of Inquilad have seized power and now seek to build a utopia. You understand freedom. And you wonder how long their freedom will last...

There are rumours that the Right Men, General Piyadasi’s army, march toward the city. A little bird tells you that they might reach the city walls as soon as 2 months from now.

You thought you understood how the world works. But if your city can be reborn, what about you?

About the Game

The Spider and the City combines high stakes resource management and prompt-based journaling. Like in videogames such as Darkest Dungeons or tabletop games like Band of Blades, you allocate resources to missions, trying to giving yourself the edge to help you succeed. Using mechanics inspired by Blades in the Dark, you build the strongest dice pool you can ... and then let the gods decide how the bones fall. Like in indie hit Thousand Year Old Vampire, you respond to the prompts that the game throws at you, telling the lonely story of a criminal mastermind in a rebel city. Your decisions might not change history but they matter - and you're in charge of how much. When the game ends, take the journal you've written and read it as a historian and write the "real" story of your tragic character.

Good luck! Let your heart not break on these tumultuous shores.


In order to download this solo tabletop game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

INFLUENCERS: A Mini-RPG about Demigods of the Internet [Free]

INFLUENCERS: A Mini-RPG about Demigods of the Internet [Free]:


You are an INFLUENCER, a powerful demigod of the CYBERNET, an infinite city that stretches to every horizon. Your follower-cult worships you, brand-states court your opinion, and millions of enraged, frothing ANONS seek to steal your power and CANCEL you.

Two competing forces rule the CYBERNET. In the deep catacomb-sewers of the city silently hums THE ALGORITHM, an omnipotent god-computer, whose unknown machinations control everything. Raging miles above the tallest skyscraper is THE DISCOURSE, an eternal storm that pours either soothing, life-giving rain or apocalyptic, world-ending fire, all at a moment’s notice.

Will you use your immense power to SAVE THE CYBERNET? Or will you SELL OUT? The choice is YOURS.


 INFLUENCERS is a free 13-page cyberpunk mini-rpg that focuses on the lives of powerful internet demigods. It's made for one-shot play. You'll have to stop literal nazis from taking over the discourse, spout piping hot takes to excel in combat, and collab with your other influencer friends to gain followers . . . all while trying not to lose a grip on your humanity.

This game is heavily inspired by Pbta systems and Grant Howitt's brilliant one-page RPGs. Other source material includes every Youtuber ever, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and existential dread.

Bi Space Pirates On Terror Planet! [Free]

Bi Space Pirates On Terror Planet! [Free]:

The crew of the Hyperion have crash landed on the long lost Terror Planet just as the  Star Kraken within is about to hatch and shatter the world apart. You know, you're probably not making it off Terror Planet, and can you go without letting your crewmate know how you really feel about them?

BSPoTP is adventurous roleplaying game about a crew of bi space pirate disasters trying to get rich, find love, or die trying for a GM and 3-6 players based on Grant Howitt's one-page RPG, Big Gay Orcs, available for free from Rowan, Rook, and Decard: https://rowanrookanddecard.com/.

 It was originally released as part of the Bisexual Awareness Week 2020 Jam: https://itch.io/jam/bisexual-jam-2020.


MekTeks [$10.00]

MekTeks [$10.00]: by @DM_LSP



MekTeks is a game about playing the unsung heroes of a mech squadron repairing the mighty mechanized war machines of ace pilots amidst the backdrop of a great and terrible conflict. You will play the MekTeks working tirelessly against the odds to refit, refuel, and repair your squad's mehs before the next mission and then hope that they return. The hours are long, the work is dangerous, and each day brings new challenges. This is a game about trying to do your best despite the odds being stacked against you. It is a difficult game and there will likely be casualties in your squad you don't have the power to avoid, but war is hell and we are caught in its grip.


 The majority of the action in MekTeks takes place after violence has been done and we are left to deal with its aftermath. You may be asked to frame scenes around small scale violence such as fistfights or skirmishes between personnel, but the grand mecha battles are not something our characters participate in directly, instead they must  put back together the pieces that make those battles possible.


 This is a game about mecha and war and as such deals with themes appropriate to those genres that can often be quite heavy. Death, desperation, and the horrors of war are ever present in MekTeks so ensure your group is using whichever safety tools that you find work for you and ensure the safety of your table.

Update: Fixed a few minor issues that weren't caught in editing surrounding unclear language. 
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Exploring the Ruined Fantasy City Alone [$1.00]

Exploring the Ruined Fantasy City Alone [$1.00]: by @azukailgames

Exploring the Ruined Fantasy City Alone is a hack of Takuma Okada's Alone Among the Stars.

This is a journaling game requiring one player, a pack of 52 standard playing cards and a six-sided die (1d6) or another suitable randomizer.

You are an explorer of the ruined cities of a fantasy world, cities that may have been destroyed by natural disaster, war, monster invasion or renegade magic, or even simply abandoned for an unknown reason. They may have been ruined for years, decades or centuries. They are dangerous places, full of monsters and the debris left over from their destruction. Strange magics and deadly traps may linger on to catch the unwary. You, and others like you, still explore these places. Though many may have picked through the ruins before, their very nature discourages most from even attempting, and who knows what lost items you may find beneath the rubble of a collapsed building?

See the video preview for a look at the full supplement.

Some artwork copyright William McAusland, used with permission.
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:
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If you can't afford to buy a copy, please help yourself to one.



TRIAL [$5.00]

TRIAL [$5.00]: by @DomSDickey

The year is 2019. Bruce Orson, a twenty-three-year-old Black man, is on trial for the murder of Abigail Burke, a thirty-year-old white woman. Ms. Burke was last seen with Mr. Orson at The Yellowjacket Lounge on the evening of Friday, April 26th. Her body was found the following morning at 7:42 a.m.

TRIAL is a narrative tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) for 3-5 players and a gamemaster (GM). This game requires a six-sided die, a four-sided die, a twelve-sided die, a calculator or phone, and a paper and pen to take notes and track points.
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:


Thursday, 24 September 2020

Kingdom (2nd Edition) ^

Kingdom (2nd Edition): Click here to view Kingdom (2nd Edition)

Build your community together. Fight for what you believe in… or watch it burn. A game about communities by the author of Microscope - [$2,500 goal]

Kingdom (2nd Edition) -- Kicktraq Mini

Good Strong Hands RPG ^

Good Strong Hands RPG: Click here to view Good Strong Hands RPG

A darkly whimsical game about saving your fantastical world. - [$3,000 goal]

Good Strong Hands RPG -- Kicktraq Mini

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Epistolary Richard's Highlight 23/09/2020

Delighted to see DIE RPG by @kierongillen up on @itchio - good prod to take it for a spin. Also, never knew they'd made a Come Dine with Me ttrpg - always thought a great game could be made of the show (and both are free so no excuse!). Also intrigued by Kids & Spirits by @mstrocks as an entry in an underserved genre I love,plus the battery of new games in Indiezine Sep 2020.

Engines & Empires Core Rules $5.00

Engines & Empires Core Rules: by  $5.00

Publisher: Relative Entropy Games

The ENGINES & EMPIRES CORE RULES for Gaslamp Fantasy Tabletop Adventure Campaigns bring steam tech to the Old School Renaissance! If you like the idea of mages in goggles and top hats, fighters with six-shooters and clockwork armor, or mad scientists killing dragons with lightning guns and phlogiston bombs, then this is the game for you!

In E&E, you'll find a game with familiar rules and a Victorian vibe, where elves can rub elbows with mechanical men and goblins can prospect for gold in a fairy-tale Old West. But it's pure old-school, so you should expect the following:

• Just a few basic character classes: the fighterroguemagescholar, and tech.

• Mages cast fairy-tale magic in the form of cantrips, spells, and elaborate rituals. Techs can build amazing devices based off of their gadget blueprints, chemical formulas, and invention schematics!

• Typical for OSR games, character generation is 3d6-in-order, Armor Class gets better as the number gets lower, the demihumans are character classes (optionally play as an elf, goblin, dwarf, or ogre), the treasure is worth XP, and 0 hp means dead!

• 87 pages of classic monsters! Contend with abominations and eldritch horrors, animals, chimeras and dragons, constructs and automata, fae and nature spirits, humanoids and giants, planar and elemental spirits, plants and oozes, and of course the restless undead!

• A complete game all in one encyclopediac tome!

Pay what you want for the PDF; a print version is coming soon!

Engines & Empires Core Rules

Price: $5.00

Nuclear Knights $14.99

Nuclear Knights: $14.99

Publisher: Shea Stevenson

This is a game about knights, about lords, about treasure large and powerful, about robots, about psychics, about beasts that tear flesh and eat brains, and it's about postmasters and it's about iconoclasts, but mostly it's about the friends we made along the way (or at least the ones that will prove useful later).

In the postnuclear apocolypse, thousands of years after the last of the memories of the old world faded, you play as an adventurer. Though the landscape is scrubbed of its legacy, the people are not. Ostensibly, Nuclear Knights is medieval fantasy, but what is magic except laws and nature that you do not comprehend? The artifacts of the old world, laser guns and flaming swords, space helmets and all sorts of insane shit that mortals can only dream of, are what you seek. They lie deep in ruins of the old world underground, or perhaps floating in the sky or just beyond yonder mountain. You and your party, adventurers assembled to venture out for your feudal lords, will attain great power for great peril, and return heroes or villains. More likely something in between the two.

This is the complete Player's Guide and Keeper's Manual. Everything you need to run and play.

Nuclear Knights

Price: $14.99

Handsome Inventive Werewolves $0.00

Handsome Inventive Werewolves: $0.00

Publisher: Erpegowy Matecznik

You are a crew of local werewolf pack,

who are also a group of engineers

working in a Big Company. 

Handsome Inventive Werewolves

Price: $0.00

The Secret RPG Crossoverse $2.00

The Secret RPG Crossoverse: by @jlennoxg $2.00

Publisher: Unknown Dungeon

The Secret RPG Crossoverse is a multiversal role-playing game where players create characters from any genre, in secret, without knowing the setting in which the game is taking place.

You can be a space marine, an eleven warrior, a magical girl, a teen detective, an anthropomorphic talking horse, or something else entirely. It’s the ultimate crossover episode.

Praise for The Secret RPG Crossoverse:
"This is wonderful!"
"This looks very awesome. The ranked dice for aspects is a great mechanic."
"Very cool, and excellent artwork and layout."
"I honestly just wanted more!"
The Secret RPG Crossoverse

Price: $2.00

Space Truckers $0.50

Space Truckers@talesbybob $0.50

Publisher: Tales By Bob

You have a load of goods to get across space! It's a convoy! A space truckin' convoy! Complete with big guns and strange aliens! Everything you need to play this one sheet rpg is contained in this download, save for a couple of six sided dice!
Space Truckers

Price: $0.50

Seek Ye Small Gods In Hidden Places $0.50

Seek Ye Small Gods In Hidden Places@talesbybob $0.50

Publisher: Tales By Bob

In this solo-journaling game you are prompted to explore your surroundings to find small, hidden spaces and create gods to populate them. This pdf provides the rules, and four sample Small Gods so that you can get a feel for how this project can be played out.

Seek Ye Small Gods In Hidden Places

Price: $0.50

RV Mayhem $0.50

RV Mayhem: by @talesbybob $0.50

Publisher: Tales By Bob

This somewhat silly one sheet RPG contains everything you need to play a game of RV Mayhem, save for a couple of six sided dice. Figure out what kooky character you are, and then decide what trouble has befallen the park, from alien invasion to meddling kids!

RV Mayhem

Price: $0.50

A Town called Elegance $0.50

A Town called Elegance: $0.50

Publisher: Kestrich

A One-Page RPG set in the Wild West.
A Town called Elegance

Price: $0.50

Keep on Rowing - To the End of the World $2.45

Keep on Rowing - To the End of the World: $2.45 by @caberlitz

Publisher: The World is a Dangerous Place

"We do not know where we are going, but we need to keep on rowing."

In this one page GMless games you play as rowers set on a journey to reach the edge of the known world and enter into the underworld, it is not an easy path but you can find support and sustenance among your fellow rowers.

It is a game about support, friendship and companionship. It can also be played solo, but works best with 3-8 people.

“Rowing is living and living is hard, but living beats losing all that we are, all that we know of, and all that we feel, all we remember imagined or real”

- Rowing, Soundgarden

Cover art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Bequest of Phyllis Massar, 2011.

P.S. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in no way shape or form endorses this product.

Keep on Rowing - To the End of the World

Price: $2.45

Lasers & Six-Siders $0.00

Lasers & Six-Siders: $0.00

Publisher: Precis Intermedia

Lasers & Six-Siders (L&SS) is an ultra rules-lite roleplaying game of exciting space adventure inspired by the earliest of tabletop RPGs (0E, BX, and T&T). Unlike typical OSR (Old School Renaissance) games, it relies on a single six-sided die (1d6) and single, expanding vehicle or monster stat (plus any special abilities) to make gameplay quick and easy. It is great for both new roleplayers and old-schoolers alike who are looking to get more gaming done in less time. Includes Player's and Gamemaster's sections, and is fully compatible with Swords & Six-Siders.

Explore space, tangle with space pirates and other threats, and find new discoveries that you can sell or use to build your power.

Lasers & Six-Siders

Price: $0.00

Super-Ego [Free]

Super-Ego [Free]:

Super-Ego is a three player short form PBTA role-playing game about an AI gaining sentience and fighting against its own programming in order to achieve its personal goals. Two of the players play different parts of the AI's internal self, with the third playing as Game Master. It is inspired heavily by games like Dungeon World, as well as the games of Ben Robbins, and the wealth of short science fiction I have read over the years.

A full game can be played in two to four hours, depending on the length of your scenes. It is recommended to have some experience in roleplaying and improvisation to have the best experience, but any skill level is welcome.

This project is still in development and is heavily subject to change. If your group playtests it, please send me feedback on what went well and what didn't work!
Download NowName your own price
Click download now to get access to the following files:



KIDS & SPIRITS [$4.00]

KIDS & SPIRITS [$4.00]: by @mstrocks

I can’t sleep in the new house... Late at night I feel like somebody’s watching. Once I woke up to find a toad on my windowsill so I scared it off. So creepy. Last night I went on the roof to look out onto the valley.

I called out: “I know you’re out there! If somebody’s here, you better say something!” Nobody did.

But then I saw her! I swear a real-live witch flew by on her broom! Actually, there’s something else. It was two witches, and they were fighting. Dad said witch families used to live in this countryside. They all used to cast magic and stuff together. Well, I don’t think they like each other anymore. I think the covens are at war! And they won’t stop until they destroy each other!

KIDS & SPIRITS is a Studio Ghibli-hack of Kids on Bikes! The system and setting mesh perfectly because: they're about young, impulsive people facing powers beyond their control. In a one-shot or ongoing story, create your own Hayao Miyazaki-inspired tale!

Perfect for period pieces like Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle, but also works great for modern-fantasy like Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro! Make your story more light-hearted, or high-stakes and dramatic, or anything in between!

PACKED with  content, but I'm keeping the price low so everyone can check it out. To request a free copy, email me at MarcusStrocks@gmail.com

A forthcoming supplement is planned to be added FREE with pre-written settings. If there's demand, I'll keep adding more!


  • 50-PAGE Rulebook!
  • 13 TROPES for making Characters!
  • 26 SPELLS for magic-users!
  • Guides for building a Ghibli-esque world!
  • Full rules -- Kids on Bikes not needed to play!

  • your Miyazaki-esque game
  • Legend of Zelda game
  • Final Fantasy game
  • Any anime fantasy style


Based on Kids on Bikes & Teens in Space by  Jonathan Gilmour and Doug Levandowski.

Images used with permission from canva.com and pexels.com

Use this game for anything you like besides resale. For more information, contact me at MarcusStrocks@gmail.com
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Get in the Robot (Cover) [Free]

Get in the Robot (Cover) [Free]: by @only1marek


Get In The Robot (Cover) is a neat one page minigame about what's flashing through everyone's heads as they get into their giant battle robot.

It's purely narrative, with the dice determining the order that people talk in, but it adds a great bit of color before a significant fight scene.

It's also timed to a song of your choice.

Overall, if you're playing a game where transformations happen and the PCs' team dynamic matters, you can probably get a lot of mileage out of dropping this in once or twice. Also, although the game is flavored for robots, you could use it for anything where a group of characters has a "boot up sequence" before they enter battle. Whether that's pirouetting and conjuring up a dress made of stardust, or simply loading up on a bunch of firearms, if it's something the whole group does at once, and provided you pick a song that fits the tone, it should work.

I'd definitely recommend picking this up, and also checking out the game it's a cover of (which is wildly different, and theoretically you could run them both together.)

Into the Forest [$3.00]

Into the Forest [$3.00]: by @secretfoxfire


As one goes further into the forest, the trees get taller, and it gets darker as their leaves block out more and more of the sun. There, too, it gets stranger and more dangerous. There are stories of what lies in the darkness of the deep forest: ancient ruins, crumbling and overgrown; terrible beasts unlike anything humanity has ever seen; villages of strange people who have never seen daylight; artifacts, lost relics, and more. There are those who grow tired of the peaceful tranquility of village life and attempt to explore the depths of the forest to see what is really there. Very few of them ever return.

Into the Forest is a tabletop game for 1-3 players. Using a standard six-sided die, a deck of 52 playing cards, this guide, and your imagination, you go on a journey to discover what lies in the depths of the forest - and try to make it back out alive. One play session takes approximately 30 minutes.

It takes place in a sci-fi world inspired and partially influenced by Caves of Qud as well as the writings of Ursula K. Leguin. The game was also influenced by the single-player TTRPG games Wretched Wasteland and The Artifact.

Accessibility is extremely important to Secret Foxfire and we've done our best to make sure everyone can enjoy the game. There are four PDF files available with your purchase. All contain the same information. The "simple print" versions are designed to be printed one-sided or simply read digitally on a screen. They should be compatible with screen readers for the visually impaired. The "booklet" versions are laid out for double-sided printing which can then be folded into a booklet. There are also "clean fonts" versions of both of these styles which use fonts which are more friendly to dyslexic readers. If Into the Forest is not accessible to you for any reason, or if you have any other feedback, please get in touch at secretfoxfire@gmail.com. We want everyone to be able to play and are committed to correcting any errors or oversights in the production of our games.

Secret Foxfire is a one-person company founded by writer Ari Lereve. Ari also writes essays, fiction, and more, as well as producing YouTube gaming videos and streaming on Twitch. For more info, check out Ari's LinkTree. Patrons at $5 and up get access to these games for free and much more - check out Ari's Patreon page for more info.
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Of Ink & Woven Thread [$5.00]

Of Ink & Woven Thread [$5.00]:

Of Ink & Woven Thread is a GMless TTRPG played with a journal, and through the post. Play alone or with friends, and journey through an ever changing world in search of connections, small comforts and solace in small moments.

Discover your story, and the meaning of your journey after a meeting with a strange Fae beneath the sweeping branches of a willow tree. The further you go, the more your perception of the world changes - how much it changes you is yet to be seen.
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in��die zine - September 2020 [$4.00]

in��die zine - September 2020 [$4.00]:

Welcome to in*die zine, a new tabletop roleplaying zine of high-quality indie content! This issue features nine incredible and innovative games, four instructive and provocative articles, four useless and system-agnostic supplements, and six moves inspired by hit musicals!

All proceeds go directly to the creators of this zine, and your support is a vote in support of the indie TTRPG scene!

Credits: The indie Network is written by Zoe with art by NynphaielExodus is written by Andrew Grondin with art by NynphaielThe Lonely Giant is written by Nick Wedig with art by NynphaielHyperHalfling's Loot Tables is written by The Hyper HalflingThe Last Rebel is written by W.H. Arthur with art by Jane Hermiston#SixMoves Les Miserables Edition is written by LoganA Wood Heart is written by James Chip with art by Georgie BatsRolling in the Aisle is written by Dave JoriaLoot It or Lose It! is written and illustrated by Sam Gundakertwo // one is written by Vivian JThe Maven Guide is written by AldaArtefact Affinity is written by Nathan Blades with art by NynphaielDie20! is written and illustrated by Julian KGifts of Gods is written by Steve DeePoems and Songs for Yon Adventures is written, composed and performed by Sen.H.H.SThe Summoning Part 1: The Familiar is written and illustrated by NynphaielRed Box Dawn: The Ballad of Bargle is written by Andi LennonSubject 3 Prone is written by Georgie Bats. Layout by Jane Hermiston. Editing by Marx Shepherd. Cover art by Jane Hermiston. This project was organised by Marx Shepherd.
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Every five sales on Itchio will add one new community copy to the pool.


The Empress and her Seer [$3.00]

The Empress and her Seer [$3.00]: by @adult_witch


Does the Empire dream of its Empress – its human handler, master, prisoner? She does not shoulder her duties alone. She has advisers, generals, spies, poison tasters, lovers. But she has no one so important as you. For you are all these things, and more. You are her Seer.

THE EMPRESS AND HER SEER is a journaling role-playing game for one player. It requires a tarot deck and can be played in half an hour or more. And it fits on one printed page.

Interpret the Empress' dreams. As her Seer, this is your duty. Turn over a tarot card and let the game prompts and the card image guide your interpretation. Is it an omen of danger abroad? A jealous cousin? Knives in the dark?

Face challenges to her rule. Her court is full of rivals waiting for any sign of weakness. Throw coins to find out if your prognostication has prepared her for the threat – or if your charms have left her distracted and off-guard.

You are the only one she can trust. She can trust you, right? You wouldn't take advantage of the Empress' confidence to advance your own agenda – would you?

Chronicle your memoirs. At court, falls from grace come frequent and hard. Record your experiences as the Empress' Seer in case you someday have need to sell them to a publisher.

“You dream of a journey? My Empress, it’s a sign from God, demanding a pilgrimage. You may send your Head Priestess – she has been rather occupying your time of late. Worry not, I will be glad to take over her services – and to occupy your time most generously – until her return.” 

Designed & written by Anna Anthropy and  illustrated by Rayne Klar. The deck in the photo is Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle.

COMMUNITY COPIES: If you're a marginalized person facing economic hardship and can't spare the money for the game, email me at collectfruit at gmail dot com to request a free pdf copy.
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Scratch-Up [$5.00]

Scratch-Up [$5.00]: by @MnemonicRPG


This game is inspired by the Canary Forest album, available on Chillhop Music. I recommend letting the album play in the background while you play, but it is not required.

The full text of this game is below. The PDF contains this text, with some nice layout.

With your friends, imagine you’re a group of young animals exploring your part of the forest for the first time and sharing what you’ve found.

Have one player start by describing something in the space around them: a flower, a leaf, a piece of moss, a cloud.

While that player is talking, the next player draws a small picture of another thing they’ve found in the forest. When they’re ready, they share their drawing, along with three things:

  1. Where and how did you find it

  2. Why should everyone know about it

  3. What are you going to do with it

When a player is done sharing their drawing, they ask who would like to share next.

Play as long as you like.
In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Killslash [$10.00]

Killslash [$10.00]:

A Solo-Slasher RPG

You are the legendary killer in a slasher movie - the true hero of the story.  Your next victims are unaware that you're silently watching their every move, waiting for them to make the same mistakes that horror-movie victims always make.


Killslash is a single-player journaling game where you are the killer in a slasher movie. As you hunt and attack four people you write about your experience and learn more about yourself and your victims.

During the game you will choose your victims, answer questions about them, roll dice to attack them, and then roll dice to see how they react. You'll then describe what happens in as much detail gory detail as you'd like.

Will you become the next slasher icon or will your victims outsmart you?


Turn Order

On your turn you will:

1. Choose a Victim to attack and answer a question about them.

2. Describe how and where you find that Victim.

3. Roll a six-sided die to attack the Victim and describe what happens.

4. If they are still alive, roll to see how the Victim reacts, and if they attack you.

5. Answer a question about your Killer.


To make your gameplay more immersive you can also add to your order an hour of thematic, ambient music to listen to whilst playing.



Player Count: 1

Game Length: 45 - 90 minutes

Pages: 19

Additional Materials: You will need a pen or pencil, something to write on, and a six-sided die (1D6).

Designer: William Long www.longgames.co.uk

Social: Join us on Instagram.
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COME DICE WITH ME [Free]: by @kierongillen


This is a role-playing game inspired by the popular competitive dinner party show.

What will the flirty butcher who hates anything orange make of the salami-heavy starter served up by the Fitness-freak Architect? What mysterious object will the Theatrical Personal Trainer find hidden in the flat of the Pretentious Nanny? And, most importantly, will Jane be happy with her sad little life?

Requires: 3-5 players, 2-3 hours, things to write with, things to write on and at least one six side dice.

Does not require: a gamesmaster, any knowledge of cooking whatsoever, any knowledge of the show either.

"I have now played Kieron's Come Dine With Me-inspired RPG and it is very silly and very funny. Also I won, so I hope the money makes me very happy." - Jamie McKelvie ("The Wicked + the Divine")

DIE RPG Beta [Free]

DIE RPG Beta [Free]: by @kierongillen


DIE is a comic by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans, an bleak fantasy comic about middle-aged adults being dragged back to the fantasy-role-playing world they were trapped in as teenagers. Or, in short, Goth Jumanji.

The DIE RPG is written by Kieron, and (in its present Beta form) allows you to make your own version of the first arc of your series, played between two and four sessions.

In DIE you generate a group of real world people, who then sit down to play a role-playing game, before getting dragged into a fantasy world which is warped by the real-world people's hopes and fears. They then have to come to an agreement of whether to go home or not.  Yes, it’s a little Meta.

This Beta release consists of three parts.

The Manual: Everything you need to know to play.The Handouts: Includes all the character sheets (both full and light) and the material for the Gamesmaster.

The Arcana: weird stuff and supplementary material, including some extra help for new players.

DIE v1.2 is an additional release. Most significantly, it replaces the character classes from the handouts entirely, introduces limited character advancement and has a new take on the Fool’s core ability.

If you’ve any thoughts, drop a line to dierpgplaytest@gmail.com.

There is a Discord for discussion of the Beta here. It also includes some extra player generated resources and lovely chatty folks. For those interested in how Kieron's expanding the game into the full thing, go nose here.

You can play with online character sheets, which are here. From the Gauntlet Community, but updated by Kieron.

Here’s a sheet references in the current Manual for aid with playing online games, as a backdrop for your dice rolling software.