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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Goblin Town

Goblin Town: This week, our group was talking about how much we wanted a pick up-and-play system for messing around in the infinite sea of fantasy adventure modules.

We made an Otherkind-and-Torchbearer Frankenstein about Goblins who need to steal stuff from dungeons to make rent.

We're calling it Goblin Town. I'd appreciate any thoughts and feedback.

Archives of the Sky

Archives of the Sky:

Archives of the Sky
Publisher: Aaron A. Reed

A million years from now, humanity has spread across the galaxy and taken countless forms. Vast empires have come and gone like waves against an unimaginable shore. But some strange voyagers chose to remain outside the churn of civilizations, pursuing a greater purpose. When a new force comes to the galaxy, will these eternal wanderers remain who they are--or, at long last, change?

Archives of the Sky is a tabletop storytelling game with an epic sci-fi backdrop and a focus on very human stories. No gamemaster or advanced preparation is required. You and some friends will collaboratively create a great House, a group of interstellar wanderers with a set of inviolable core beliefs--and then, like any good storytellers, devise a conflict that pits those beliefs against each other.

Game Features:

  • Epic sci-fi stories on a grand scale, in a galaxy you create at the table
  • 3-6 players collaborate to create Episodes of around four hours each
  • GM-less, story-focused rules in the tradition of games like Microscope, Downfall, and Fiasco
  • Create a deck of words from your favorite sci-fi novels, and draw from it when you need inspiration or a random outcome (or use a sample list of 800 juicy words if you don't have a stack of books handy!)
  • Play meta-roles like the Epic and the Intimate in addition to your character, focused on making the story breathtaking and huge in scope, or keeping it grounded in sensory details and emotion
  • Use tokens to threaten Values that connect to the developing plot, eventually positioning two Values within a Dilemma that puts them into conflict
  • Supports one-off or campaign play
The 103-page rulebook (full color throughout) includes the complete rules plus a collection of useful bonus material:
  • Sample names for characters, stars, and planets
  • A read-aloud Quick-start Guide that introduces new concepts gradually as you play your first few scenes
  • Actual play examples (edited for clarity) to show key rules and mechanics in action
  • Four alternate settings and tips for making more of your own
  • Rules for a quicker "Fast Play" mode, ideal for one-shots or conventions
  • Awe-inspiring sci-fi art throughout
If you just want to give the game a try with the bare-bones rules, check out Archives of the Sky: Free Version, a 20-page PDF with a basic layout and no art. 
Price: $10.00

Tao Chi (Fantasy Martial Arts RPG)

Tao Chi (Fantasy Martial Arts RPG):

Tao Chi (Fantasy Martial Arts RPG)
Publisher: J. David Chrisman

Enter the Middle Kingdom - a country flowing with Chi, the vital essence of the Cosmos. Travel this adventurous land as you seek the Golden Elixir of Immortality. Only the most worthy Eternals will ascend to the Immortal Dragon. Do you have what it takes? Venture into the world of Tao Chi and find out!

Price: $4.95



Publisher: Whimsy Machine Games

Buy before 12/31 to enter a raffle to win a pixel art character portrait by Anaïs Maamar! Details here.

It’s dungeons all the way down. You travel deeper and deeper into a labyrinth of chambers, monsters, and loot, clinging to some final goal — maybe a climactic showdown with big baddie, maybe it’s escape. You fight your way through, use the items you get along the way, and run when it gets too tough, all so you can do it over again. Welcome to Fight/Item/Run.

Written by Taylor Smith and published by Whimsy Machine Media, Fight/Item/Run is Powered by the Apocalypse with specific aid from Simple World from Buried Without Ceremony. It is additionally inspired by old school dungeon crawler and fantasy RPG video games.

Price: $4.99

Monday, 17 December 2018

Waystation Deimos

Waystation Deimos:

Waystation Deimos
Publisher: Loreshaper Games

Three weeks ago, there were twenty-five thousand souls living in the habitats strewn across Deimos' surface and laced throughout its interior.

Today there are five hundred.

Waystation Deimos is a roleplaying game based on Rowan, Rook, and Decard's Resistance toolbox. It's a fast and brutal game of transhumans surviving on Deimos after an unknown contagion leads to the death of most of its inhabitants.

Using a simple D6 dice pool system with a novel success mechanic, build characters that are flexible and tied to their universe, and try to survive, or at least die well.

Proudly Sparked by the Resistance Toolbox

Price: $0.00

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Advanced Labyrinth Lord (Dragon Cover)

Advanced Labyrinth Lord (Dragon Cover):

Advanced Labyrinth Lord (Dragon Cover)
Publisher: Goblinoid Games


Basic and Advanced

Finally the basic and advanced game rules are in one volume!

This book combines the material originally presented in the Labyrinth Lord core rules and in the Advanced Edition Companion. Play advanced and basic characters in the same group, or choose to play one or the other.

Enter a world filled with labyrinths, magic, and monsters! Choose a basic race-class, advanced class, or even multiclass to combine the two! All of the basic and advanced options are within reach.

Labyrinth Lord is the Rosetta Stone of old-school fantasy rules.

It is easy to use basic and advanced game adventures from other publishers with these rules.

In this book you will find...

  • A complete guide to basic and advanced characters
  • All core basic and advanced monsters
  • Basic and advanced spells
  • The full repertoire of basic and advanced magic items
  • Optional rules to make your game even more advanced

Welcome back to old-school gameplay.

**Note that the PDF includes both the Dragon cover and Orcus Cover images.

Price: $9.94

Friday, 14 December 2018

Baker Street Irregulars Mini RPG

Baker Street Irregulars Mini RPG:

Baker Street Irregulars Mini RPG
Publisher: FeralGamersInc

The Baker Street Irregulars were a group of children who were engaged by Sherlock Holmes to be his ears on the street. He often employed them to gather information or find clues to help him solve his many famous cases.

 You are a member of the irregulars and can choose one of the 5 pre-generated characters available. As a character, you cannot die but you can be caught, arrested or chased by the Police or the various thugs and criminals you become entangled with during your escapades for the great consulting detective. 

Price: $2.00

CATaclysm: The Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook

CATaclysm: The Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook:

CATaclysm: The Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook
Publisher: Akinji Entertainment

Da humanz iz ded. No moar fud for us. No moar scratchez for us. No moar protecshun frum teh outsides for us. We haz taken teh earth...

Catain Galileo Furwhisker.

Defend the realm of cats from the evil rat hordes and cruel toads that threaten their world. The time of humans has passed and our beloved feline friends have inherited the earth. They roam the land searching for ancient human relics and Meowgic. Choose your cat. Choose your weapon. And fight for honour, glory, and your ball of yarn.

CATaclysm places the world in the capable paws of our favourite furballs in this easy to learn tabletop roleplaying game. Akinji Entertainment brings a game that is sure to be enjoyed by both cat lovers and roleplaying enthusiasts alike. CATaclysm is purrfect for players of all levels, and whether you are new to RPGs or a seasoned veteran, you will enjoy the witty play and the fresh take on dice-adventure games. Using a simple no fuss mechanic, CATaclysm uses a streamlined ruleset that can be learned and played within a short amount of time. This game makes use of a brand new RPG system that uses a single ten-sided die in conjunction with a cutting-edge new life-management system. Whether you are coughing up fireballs or swinging your cat-o-nine-tails, you will love this fun and action-oriented RPG.

The PDF version comes with a fully-bookmarked copy of the Core Rulebook, which includes everything you need to start your epic CATaclysm campaign with your clowder. The Core Rulebook also includes a sample scenario "The Despot of Dark Pond" to get you right into the action.

What you will need:

-At least one ten-sided die

-CATaclysm Character Sheets (coming soon)

Price: $19.99



Publisher: EndGamers

Schism is a fantasy-themed tabletop role-playing game that allows its players to take on the role of a powerful warrior, a mystical wizard, a creative mechanic, and many other fantastic characters. Explore the world of Xilo, a far-off planet recently torn asunder by the war between technology-users and spell-casters. Will you and your allies find fame and fortune as celebrated adventurers, or will your journey be cut short by the dangers that lurk on the fringes of the planet’s newly-forged peace?

Price: $0.00



Publisher: Team 8 Game Design

There was the Time Before, when the Gods made the world and upon it allowed the Merehem, their chosen, to live and serve under the whims of those who had made them.  The gods made of this world their arena and they pitted their servants against one another, till the Merehem came to understand that the only way for the war to end was for the gods to be destroyed.

Price: $12.63

12 Days: A Game of the Epiphany

12 Days: A Game of the Epiphany:

12 Days: A Game of the Epiphany
Publisher: Fantasy Heartbreaker

One Silent Night

...a new star appears in the sky.

Your divination tells you it heralds the end of the age of sorcerers and kings; that, if unchecked, the child whose birth it announces will unite the world as Their kingdom.

You have only a dozen days and as many nights to journey across dangerous lands and haunted deserts, to follow the star to the Savior’s cradle…

…then perhaps only moments to decide how you will shape Their future.


Hi, I'm Rose, and this year I thought I'd produce a holiday special. It's not pious, satiric, or saccharine -- it comes straight from my heart.

12 Days is a storytelling game based on the way my family commemorates the 12 days of Christmas -- the time leading from the birth of the Savior to the Feast of the Epiphany.

We've played these out for generations, and they always involved moving little statues of the magi, then taking on their roles and meeting wicked King Herod (usually played by my grandfather) and then the infant Savior (played by my youngest sibling or cousin).

12 Days reenvisions these pageants through a looser mythological lens. You'll journey from the East to Bethlehem, as is traditional, but also encounter bands of thieves, Dead King Gilgamesh, Lilith the Outcast, and a Herod who might be redeemed.

The rules are simple: build a dice pool of help and risks, roll against your Power and Glory stats, and check dice matches for success, dooms, and creeping doubts. Bring your gifts to the newborn ruler... or sacrifice them along the way to help people in need.

Each day brings new people and new trials, and leads you toward your own Epiphany... which may or may not be the one we know!

Good Journey!

Price: $6.99



Publisher: D6Shooters

Wayward is a role-playing game about a mystical world influenced by powerful authority figures, influential spirits, and skilled combatants. Throughout a session, you will encounter colorful characters and various spirits creating unique problems that can be solves through cunning decisions, shrewd diplomacy, or brute force at your discretion.

Price: $0.00



Publisher: HMS Hindenburg

Warweave is a tabletop RPG system and world focused on allowing players to create a diverse and competent cast of characters. Creativity and homebrew is encouraged to survive in a world of magic, vast oceans, and budding industrialization. Set sail on an adventure in a world where magic is woven into the very fabric of reality. Featuring simple but robust Encounter and Skill systems, there should be something for every player to enjoy. Wield the incredible power of fire! Wrestle like a professional! Captain your own vessel! Summon an incredibly distracting army of chickens! And if none of the above interests you, the system encourages you to add your own ideas to it. In Warweave, the only limits are your wildest dreams.

Price: $0.00

Thursday, 13 December 2018

The tall grass

The tall grass:

The tall grass
Publisher: Gaia Sicolo

The tall grass is a GMless TTRPG about communality, collaboration and creativity in a post-apocalyptic world that's long healed and grown anew, ripe with magic and mystery.

Price: $2.00

Starship Infernum

Starship Infernum:

Starship Infernum
Publisher: Wicked Clever

Starship Infernum is a sci-fi themed, survival-horror role-playing game for three or more people.

Almost no preparation is required to run this game, and the rules are easy enough to just pick up and play. All you need are two decks of regular playing cards, pencils and paper, a handful of tokens, and some friends who enjoy being put to the test.

Infinitely replayable, your ship and the crises it faces are different every single time. Featuring a simple Blackjack-based rules system, five-minute character creation, a multitude of aliens and obstacles, and a unique death mechanic that means nobody is ever completely out of the game. Also included are six quick-start scenarios and eight pre-gen characters to launch your team immediately into action.

Starship Infernum is easy to play and easy to run, but are you brave enough to face these horrors? Are you strong enough to actually survive?

Price: $9.99



Publisher: The Goat 's Head

This realm is a wild one.

Tall forests of pine grow on rugged mountain-sides,
carved and split by deep fjords and wide lakes. This
is a land where the gods might still be found, and
the magic of the world has not yet quite gone out.
Giants wander, spirits haunt, and wolves howl in
the night-time.

You have a chance to become a hero. Your mother
was a wild warrior: tall and broad and able to best
any in her path. Her father before her had a great
mane of hair and claws the size of knives. His mother
before him was a true bear: a beast of raw power and
brutality, utterly unstoppable. This is your legacy: it
is their blood that runs in your veins, and it is this
blood that determines your fate.

In Bloodline, you play not as a single character, but rather as successive generations of characters: a line of heroes, united by family - united by the shared blood that runs through all of their veins. Your first character defines the direction of your family story, but your tale does not end there. In fact, your story does not even start with your first character but rather with their ancestors.

Over the course of a saga of Bloodline, your first character will die  - and your second and your third and likely many more. Once your character dies, however, the game is by no means over! Now, rather than playing as your original character, you play as their descendant: your first character had children at some point in their life, and you are one of those children. Over time, your saga might stretch over the course of a dozen or more generations spanning hundreds of years, bound together solely by the power of the Bloodline.

This realm is a wild one - and one that will only grow wilder.

Price: $5.00

sand dogs v0 doc

sand dogs v0 doc:

Time for a break then back to the digging.

The first draft of the playtest doc for Sand Dogs is now publicly available! If you give it a spin or even just a read, please reach out. And share as far and wide as you like.

This doc is obviously incomplete but it’s also certainly enough to run a game — it’s all we’ve been using for the past six weeks or so. Much more is coming, including ways to develop tomb artifacts, gods, and stuff like that.

If you dig it, consider grabbing a copy of The King Machine (same system), which is on sale for less than 5 bucks in PDF until next year. You can have a very monkey Christmas with that.

Original enclosures:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Map Maker Adventures - Dungeon Crawl RPG for 1-4 players

Map Maker Adventures - Dungeon Crawl RPG for 1-4 players: Click here to view Map Maker Adventures - Dungeon Crawl RPG for 1-4 players

Map Maker Adventures is an old school, pencil and paper, dungeon crawl, role-playing game for 1~4 players, without a DM. - [currently ¥296,648 (20%) of ¥1,500,000 goal]

Map Maker Adventures - Dungeon Crawl RPG for 1-4 players -- Kicktraq Mini

2G2BT: Gauntlet Con/v0.14

2G2BT: Gauntlet Con/v0.14: After a couple of playtest sessions at Gauntlet Con 2018, which is still in its last few hours, here's v0.14 of 2G2BT.

2G2BT v0.14.pdf
Apart from minor text clarifications, here's what changed since v0.12:

First of all, armor was way too powerful. That's been trimmed down across the board—everything that was once 2-armor is now 1-armor; everything 1-armor was translated into an extra external damage box or two.

I added a briefing move. I'm still toying with how concrete I want the battlefield to be, but for now this is a placeholder move that lets the company tactician define some of the elements of the battlefield.

Assault and covering fire have a small change, fire is exchanged before the stat roll. I find it anticlimactic to roll damage after we know who has won or lost; I think it's better when this is apparent after the smoke clears.

Also, the weapon fire modifiers were clarified, as I think they were a little confusing before.

Taking cover has an additional 10+ benefit, you get to return fire at -AOF.

The critical repair move is clarified: it's for getting rid of critical repair effects, not clearing critical damage boxes.

Spot their colors now works on familiar faces, not just insignias. This is the small, initial stab at me trying to bring more NPC interaction into the spotlight.

The Lieutenant's xp move now fires when subordinates take critical damage, not just when they're disabled. Also, the shortcut move requires shortcuts be iffy, not daring. (I want them to be risky, not done with panache.)

The Commander's xp move only applies to squaddies, not just anyone.

There was an important change to company advancement: the company now advances on every mission, not just when they achieve milestones. I'm not totally sure about this; some of these are good enough they feel like they should just be cash spends.


The con feedback (from Daniel, David, Horst and Leandro) was really useful. In short:
  • I've had a growing insecurity about the 'two rolls' nature of assault and covering fire, but the gang said they enjoyed that part. I used to like it too, so I'm chalking this up to over-familiarity.
  • For players unfamiliar with the genre, even the one-page playbooks are a lot to take in. Lots of boxes to tick off. (I remember feeling this way looking at Blades character sheets.)
  • Horst asked for a stress mechanic, which made me chuckle. Removing 'stress' from The Regiment was probably a mis-step; there's a lot of potential for socially focused downtime moves that interact with it.
  • Daniel suggested more moves to add SNAFU. Also, restricting SNAFU burn to "small-scale" moves may not be necessary. Why not open this up and (while I'm at it) add playbook-specific  moves to add SNAFU?

What's really missing? Human interaction. What I'm finding in playtests is that while the combat moves are in the refining stage, the human element is completely missing.

The source inspiration for the game is The Regiment, in which you have vulnerable humans taking deadly weapons fire. When the party is swaddled in high tech mecha, it's much harder to have an organic exchange of emotion in the middle of a mission—you can't lean on your buddy and have a smoke, for example. (This might be less true with longer missions that aren't in/shoot/out, but I haven't run any of those yet.)

Dungeon World-style flags are a great way to get some interaction in a one-shot, I think that would help push the focus back onto the characters and their interactions. I'm tempted to add either that or some drives (or at least make sure that every character has a solid xp move that drives interaction with other PCs).

As I mentioned with the change to spot their colors, I really want to make NPC interaction a much more significant focus. I feel like "life on base" should not be relegated to a few brief downtime moves, it's too much like browsing a shopping list.

There's a lot of interesting potential there, especially as the mission context accumulates. I like having a Darnan liaison NPC, and in the second playtest this weekend I urged a PC to recognize them.

That's all for now!

Reach of Titan - Playtest

Reach of Titan - Playtest:

Reach of Titan - Playtest
Publisher: Third Act Publishing

Humanity has been scattered across the land, isolated in small villages that cling to existence. Giant creatures called Titan’s roam the world destroying everything in their path. The only way for mankind to survive is by fighting against these behemoths, defending against the ones that pose a threat, and hunting others for food. That is the role of a Titan Hunter.

Reach of Titan is a game that uses an original system designed to emulate fantasy style fights with giant creatures. The game will have a familiar feel for those that have played Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter, or watched the Attack on Titan anime. The battles are designed to be half-puzzle, half-combat where players must use more than their die rolls to bring down these behemoths. The encounters are challenging as you must solve the puzzle of killing the Titan, while working with the resource management system of combat. This combination of systems provides a very unique RPG experience.

While fighting giant creatures is a core part of the experience of Reach of Titan, and what is presented here in the playtest document, the final game will also incorporates settlement building and Titan hunting as key aspects of the game. You are members of a small village that is trying it eek out an existence. If you are successful, you will be able to watch your village grow and proper. Failures will result in watching your settlement dwindle. Every hunt you go on comes with risks and rewards that must be weighed, and the results of these hunts will shape your community.

This document is the playtest version of the game. It provides the core rules, will teach GMs how to run the game, provides sample character sheets, and 3 unique Titan encounters. This document has everything you need to have a fun night of running Reach Of Titan

Price: $0.00

Hot Circle RPG

Hot Circle RPG: Hi All! I wrote a hack for Burning Wheel called Hot Circle RPG.

Hot Circle is a spark (fan hack) flung from the Burning Wheel by Luke Crane. It attempts to miniaturise and abstract the intricate technology that powers the Burning Wheel to a minimum derivative game.​
​It's a self contained hack that replaces things that involve long lists in Burning Wheel (traits, skills, lifepaths) with freeform descriptors in the style of Over the Edge, Fate, etc.

From this base the framework is extended with compromises (replacing scripted conflicts), conditions (voluntary and as consequences), ability tests (using lifepaths to generate circles, wises, resources, and deeds aka flashbacks), and a modified artha cycle (coupled to advancement and compel interactions).

Hot Circle RPG v0.1 is an alpha playtest document. The framework should be sound but the numbers may be off. It is designed in a zine format and is free to use.

Hot Circle RPG v0.1 - Screen Readable

Hot Circle RPG v0.1 - Zine Printable

I thought there might be a few BW fans on StoryGames that wanted to have a look. If you read the game and want to give feedback, it is all welcome! Please let me know any sections that are confusing, or what you think of the rules and system interactions.

Rulers: Core Rulebook

Rulers: Core Rulebook:

Rulers: Core Rulebook
Publisher: ToBeGosu

Rulers is a tabletop roleplaying game of civilisation and conquest. Create a world, populate it with Kingdoms, Resources and Cultures Define your Realm, craft your dynasty, and Build your Empire by trade, politics, or brute strength.

Rulers: Core Rulebook contains all the rules and instructions you need to play this tabletop roleplaying game. Featuring more than 25,000 words across some 68 pages (this rulebook has no art).

This game was created out of passion for me an my friends to play when we were at University. Since then I have tinkered with it until it has reached the form it is today.

In all fairness: Rulers is not good. I am far from happy with it and if I were to start it today I would approach it quite differently. That being said, myself and my friends have had a lot of fun with it - from weaponising the local Laser Pheasants, to the succesfful invasion of the Demon Body-Snatchers - and I would like to share Rulers with people like you, while I move on to other projects (for the time being).

Visit ToBeGosu.com for more information.

Price: $0.00