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Sunday, 22 November 2020

The Devil's Gullet $3.00

The Devil's Gullet: $3.00
Publisher: Games by Guilt

You all thought your lives could not get worse, that your troubles were at their highest and your spirits at the lowest. But then in dream did you stumble and fall, through the wound in your mind down The Devil’s maw.

The Devil’s Gullet is a dark story for 2-5 people, a horror story of desperately striving to escape an impossible monster from the inside as its infernal workings erode your body and will down to food for its Cyclopean appetite.

Inside is all you need to play the game sans a die. there is a complete set of rules and a pre-made story to be used along with a full set of printouts for cards and character sheets.

A Warning: This game contains themes of Depression, Mental health, Gore and Body horror.

While no explicit events are mentioned the game invites players to explore these elements.

This game was made for Halloween as part of a challenge put to the author following playing another game that the group did not feel was worth $3, it is the authors hope that this is a good example of what $3 should buy you.

The Devil's Gullet

Price: $3.00

Soapbox Derby - A Honey Heist Hack [Free]

Soapbox Derby - A Honey Heist Hack [Free]: by @warrencdailey

It’s the Laramar county Downhill Soapbox Derby, and you’re a team of racers, ready to win - by any means necessary.

Soapbox Derby is written by Warren C. Dailey and is a heck of Honey Heist by Grant Howitt.  Players have two stats - momentum and control, which change as the race unfolds, narrated by a GM.   Will your team claim the prize, or spin out?

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OCEANS 2400 [$2.00]

OCEANS 2400 [$2.00]:


Oceans 2400 is a microgame hack of 24XX and inspired by Blades in the Dark for playing fast paced cinematic heists like those in Oceans 11, The Italian Job, and Mission Impossible.

Are you the Face, talking your way into and out of dangerous situations? The Demo Expert, ready to tackle any obstacle with high energy solutions? The Mastermind, with a cunning ace up your sleeve? Or the Veteran, here for one last job before retirement? Take on one of nine roles and use your unique skills to form a crew to break, enter, and rob.

Trick guards, bypass laser defenses, crack safes, and hack computers to get away with your prize. If something goes horribly wrong, don't worry! Flashback to an earlier scene to reveal how this was actually part of your plan all along.

Includes GM tools for tracking the level of alarm and alertness of the situation during a heist, along with a generator to create high stake heists with dramatic twists waiting in the wings.

Written for the 24XX Jam.

In order to download this TTRPG you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Grab a community copy if you don't want to pay for it!

Arbiter of Hope [Free]

Arbiter of Hope [Free]: by @wcgameco


Arbiter of Hope is a game for any players in only three sentences.

It is presented as a reusable two-ply cotton face mask. 



The mask itself is a 2 ply 100% cotton mask with black straps limited to 100 units. Each is sealed in a plastic envelope during production to maintain cleanliness and make it safe for you to wear upon arrival. Machine washable and reusable. As recommended by the CDC, people should wear fabric face coverings as surgical masks should be saved for the doctors and healthcare professionals. Apart from keeping people safe around you, custom printed mouth masks will act as the first line of defense when you need to venture out into any public setting. Paying via itch.io will only get you the art file! Mask purchases available at worldchamp.io/store.


Made possible by patrons at patreon.com/worldchampagmeco November 2020.


shown worn by game designer & illustrator Adam Vass. photography by Erica Lauren.

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Vampire Roommate [Free]

Vampire Roommate [Free]: by @basicnbizarre

Vampire Roommate is a 1-page RPG about a mortal and a vampire living together as roommates. Using a jigsaw puzzle to time and progress play, they will begin telling the story of how the mortal slowly realizes the truth of the vampire's nature. This story ends when they either kiss, or the vampire kills the mortal.

If you play Vampire Roommate, please tag it on social media with #VampireRoommate! 

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Click download now to get access to the following files:


Halo: Jenkins [Free]

Halo: Jenkins [Free]: by @sage_gc


The Master Chief and Cortana saved three lifeboats during the iconic 2nd level of Halo: Combat Evolved, but little did they know... there was a fourth... missed, forgotten, and subsequently stranded alone on The Ring for days.

Halo: Jenkins is a group storytelling and tabletop role playing game for 3 or more people. Led by the Game Monitor, a group of Players will attempt to survive on, and make it off of, Installation 04 after crash landing.

Each Marine in the squad will fulfill a special role, with their own set difficulty and bonuses. You'll need to use every weapon, vehicle, and tool you can find to survive—as onslaughts of hostile Covenant forces, parasitic Flood, and a looming existential dread hunts down your team.

Balance tweaks were made afterwards, but you can hear the game in action here:

To play you'll need 1d8 (or 2d4). The download comes with a full system breakdown and both UNSC/COVENANT style Character Sheets, all available as interactive digital or printable PDF's.


ONE STEP AHEAD [Free]: by @Ypezion


You have little concern as to who you are.

You have little concern as to where you came from.

You have little concern as to why you keep moving.

All you know is that you are one -- or even two -- steps ahead.

And it should stay that way.


ONE STEP AHEAD is a game where you ensure that you won't be caught, you won't be outrun, and you won't be missed.

It is setting-agnostic, so feel free to play this in any setting, genre, or place that you like, as long as it involves being one step ahead (running away, chasing, being clever, etc.)

Feel free to hack this game as well, of course.

All you need is a d8 (8-sided dice) and a place to write.

For 1 player.


Made for Refraction Jam 2020.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash.

Best viewed on a document or pdf viewer, depending on the document itself.

Furious Roads [Free]

Furious Roads [Free]: by @TheChaosmeister


Content Warning: Post-Apocalypse and related tropes, violence, mental illness, body mutilation

At the end of the before time the earth was scorched in deadly fire. Salt flats, craggy canyons, sand molten to glass, and vast stretches of desert is all that’s around you. Like toys dropped from a giant child remnants from the past dot the landscape. A rusted tanker in the middle of nowhere, its hull is broken apart like a whale corpse burst open. Seats and debris from a giant plane are littered about for miles as if they were spat out. Craters where the bombs fell. Here and there old crumbling remains of structures, now repurposed as fortifications for the powerful. And very rarely, like blackened fingers clawing at the sky, the old towers billowing dark clouds that still produce the thing everyone wants, no, needs to survive. Gasoline. Most people have been driven insane by the parched and unforgiving landscape or the monstrous raiders by now. The gangs are the ones that have the wheels and the power. The strongest and most merciless lead. This is no time for weakness as the weak get eaten. Sometimes literally. There are only crazies left in one way or another. And this is a world you want to step into? Good luck!

Furious Roads is the minimald6 way into the Post-Apocalypse. Spend less time with rules and more time doing insane things. Enjoy fast and frenzied action based on minimald6 while you strive to survive in a desolate wasteland. The rules feature an easy mechanism to track the use and degradation of items to add to the survival aspect in this post-apocalyptic world.

Play as one of many different types of crazies in this hellish place, including:

  • Black Thumb If a thing is broken they are going to fix it. Somehow.
  • Brute Avatars of vicious savagery, unparalleled might, and dim wits.
  • Haggler Everyone needs something, and they get it for you. 
  • Organic Mechanic, They either fix a person or break them more.
  • Polecat Dancers, acrobats, and melee fighters without sense.
  • Rev Head Wild drivers of the wastes, king behind a steering wheel.
  • Tyrant Someone is always the boss. They are the bosses' boss.
  • Waster Lone wanderers drifting around, ready for everything.
  • and more!
> Also contains the Gettin' Weird Expansion! <


You thought the ones from Furious Roads where crazy? Check out these fellas!

Furious Roads: Getting’ Weird is a small expansion, adding the strange and weird into the mix. Or rather, more strange and weird than in Furious Roads!

Play as one of many new types of crazie, including:

  • Bone Shaman Mystic powers and a bone fetish.
  • Cyborg Dog Man’s best friend. Better, faster, stronger.
  • Deep Sleeper Was tucked away save and sound when the bombs fell.
  • Lost-in-time Oh no, they overdosed the potion!
  • Mush-Roomed A walking, talking fungal colony.
  • Wasteland Dragon Man-sized post-apocalyptic dragon. What?
  • and more!

Includes an expanded Trait list for vehicles and introduces animal mounts.

The download contains all you need to begin play within minutes. There is a random generator for post-apocalyptic scenarios and locations to let you quickstart your imagination. 

Enjoy the ride!

Space Goblin Bureaucracy! [$3.00]

Space Goblin Bureaucracy! [$3.00]: by @omi_the_fool

Viditya Voleti's Space Goblins!, a hack of Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons, adds the mechanical twist of a GM that rotates based on phases of gameplay. In Space Goblin Bureaucracy! I took that twist in another direction, asking the question: what if the GM position never stopped rotating, because no one wanted the responsibility of being GM? What if the GM position was actually an analog for taking on necessary but often-times tedious social responsibility?

In Space Goblin Bureaucracy! everyone plays as politically unexceptional, potentially begrudging space goblins drafted into serving on their local Goblin Committees, tasked with trying to solve miscellaneous social and administrative problems throughout the course of one month. With a resolution system designed to delay conflict resolution by dice for as long as possible, Space Goblin Bureaucracy! is a game of knowingly pushing to see how far you can get away with incompetence, and laughing at the terrible consequences of trying.

Cover photo and background is an edited image of photo by Christa Dodoo on Unsplash.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Each copy of this game you buy helps someone else grab a free copy if their budget doesn't enable them to pay the listed price. If you're unable to budget for a copy of the game priced as listed, please claim one of these free copies for the community.


Assembled Remnants [$7.00]

Assembled Remnants [$7.00]: by @AssembRealities


Okay, sure, I've released a number of games early on that aren't exactly "what I'm 'doing' with my craft" anymore. They are complete. They are playable. I recognize how the process of developing them developed me. 

And in recognizing that, I'm willing to make them available. Just ... take me out for brunch first, deal?

Collected here are games and supplemental playbooks I made while I was still finding my voice as a game designer. Many were made before I'd found my name. I've tried to keep revisions limited to correcting my name and any glaring errors in the writing. I've tried to leave their mechanics just the way they were. 

I've tried to carry any inspiration I've gotten while going back over these into new projects. These are what they are: remnants, assembled for your appraisal.


  • Browser Games *
    • Confluent Circuit - Keep your fleet together while facing procedural resource allocation challenges. Inspired by Friends at the Table.
  • Card Games **
    •  Bizaar - Hidden hand haggling to get The Adventurer's gold
    • Cycles - Simulate hacking together with this hacked together simulation 
    • Tomorrow is My Dancing Day (BETA) - Prototype rules for my first full game Descended From the Queen
  • Role Playing Games
    • Die Cast (BETA) - Use a stopwatch to play this ancestor of Die Cast, Descended From The Queen
    • Familiar World: Fastball Edition - Plucky kids and their wondrous companions off to Take Chances, Make Mistakes, and Get Messy
    • Incidental: Chain of Worlds - A 2-page love letter to Interstitial
  • Playbooks for Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined
    • The Ensemble - the gang's all here!
    • The Makeshift - if it's not bolted down, it's spare parts!
    • The Platformer - things always go right! Right?
    • The Recursion - will you stay trapped by the ways of your world?

* Browser games in this collection are standalone .html files that can be downloaded and opened in any mobile or desktop web browser to play.

** Card games in this collection all require a single Poker Deck with the Joker's included to play.

From time to time, I will use the devLog for this game to reflect on the items in this collection. I hope it's a useful exercise.

Cover Photo by Lars Mai from Pexels.

Confluent Circuit Cover Photo by Jakub Novacek from Pexels.

Adorable drawings of The Frog to commemorate the original releases of Die Cast and Familiar World by Sasha Reneau (www.sashareneau.com).

Remembrance [$3.00]

Remembrance [$3.00]:

This game is dedicated to everyone I've played with on the table, and all the memories I've made and un-made with time.

A short, GM-less 1 page (doubled-sided) RPG for 3-5 players about collective memory. You play a group of adventurers, aged and weary, who come together to reminisce about your past. Guided by a set of questions and shared impressions, you will work together to recreate a history. What were you, once? Who were you?

What will you remember, and what will you forget?

Photo credit: Martin Vorrel

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

If you've ever had a good (or bad) memory with a role-playing game, this game is for you. Please feel free to claim a copy if you can't spare the funds!


Folxlore [Free]

Folxlore [Free]: by @MormorHaxa
A casually intimate RPG for small groups.

This is a Chair, Use it to Make Dreams [Free]

This is a Chair, Use it to Make Dreams [Free]: by @shannonmcmaster

It's all right over there. This is a three-page .pdf consisting of nothing more that cropped versions of the images right over there. Each one of those images is a larger file than the .pdf. So, that's something!

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:




The Ballad of Texas Red - A Murder Mystery Role Playing Game $5.00

The Ballad of Texas Red - A Murder Mystery Role Playing Game: $5.00
Publisher: Strachan Games

Welcome to The Ballad of Texas Red, a murder mystery roleplaying game.

A notorious outlaw is hiding out in a small town, deep in the Wild West. It's up to the rest of the townsfolk to figure out who the outlaw is, and put them down. But be careful: you can never know who to trust, or what someone might really want...

This is a one-off social deception roleplaying game for 5-6 players. Players roleplay as their characters, using snippets of knowledge no one else knows to slowly solve the many mysteries of this town. Players will lie and decieve, plot and scheme, and when your suspicions are confirmed... shoot to kill.

This isn't a game for sitting around a table; it's a game for standing, for whispering, for pulling your friend into another room away from listening ears. 

Also included are rules for playing Online over voice or video calls. An extra person is needed to act as a Moderator in Online play. 

Good luck, and trust no one.

The Ballad of Texas Red - A Murder Mystery Role Playing Game

Price: $5.00

Saturday, 21 November 2020


CHARCUTERIE II [$10.00]: by @Rathayibacter

Charcuterie II is the second release in a series of zine game compilations. Pick up revised versions of my smaller projects, including:

Bird & Breakfast, a quiet game about enjoying your vacation to a city of birds. Gradually explore town, meet new people, and enjoy a change of pace.

you are an earthworm who aspires to kill god, which is exactly what it says it is.

INITIATIVE, a game of fantasy combat in linear space. Who needs battlemaps when we've already got initiative order?

Explicit Course, a silent tabletop game rife with misunderstandings. Set up a scenario, then confidently stride forward into a quagmire of miscommunications and impossible tasks.

and the all new A17-Q Declassified, a larp about chronically unlucky field agents for a supernatural relic containment organization. Failing to find anything interesting has never been so fun!

Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this collection you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Support this collection at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Curious about what's inside, but can't justify the expense? Don't worry- I make these things to be played. Check it out, and have fun!




Fangs [Free]

Fangs [Free]: by @TheChaosmeister


Content Warning: Vampirism and related tropes, violence, forced servitude, supernatural evils, undead.

This place has very little to do with the world as we know it. Vampires Werewolves, Specters, and Demons are all real. The world is dark, twisted, brutal, and gothic. There are schemes and secrets everywhere. The true powers are those that thrive in the shadows. Surviving is an art and not at all guaranteed, even for Vampires.

The only reason humanity lived this far is numbers. The Vampires try to hide their existence from the world as to not draw undue attention. Attention gets you killed. Hence a council was established a long time ago to uphold the carnival, the thin layer of deception, and secrets that keep the vampires safe. Only some of the many vampire lineages submit to the authority of this council: The Beautiful, The Grotesque, The Highborn, The Mad, The Sorcerers, The Untamed, and the Warriors. The rest claim independence. But even they can appreciate the usefulness of the carnival from time to time.

It is best to keep your head down and not be noticed, but when did that ever work for long? Journey into an abyss of the afterlife, un-death, and blood.

This game is a homage to a certain other game of Vampires and I hope you enjoy the darkness within. It is a complete game and contains everything you need to play beside some friends, pen, paper, and dice.

Compared to core minimald6, Fangs adds a "Coterie" for the player characters, the group itself has traits that could be used for or against them. There are of course also rules about the monster inside, powers, and the use of blood. Everything a fledgling vampire needs to grow.

  • Play a Vampire from one of the 12 different lineages including The AssassinsThe GrotesqueThe MadThe Untamed, and others.
  • Each lineage has unique traits and access to powerful, blood fueled gifts.
  • A small adventure generator to jumpstart your imagination and character sheets are included so you can start to play in minutes!

Page Background based on work by WebTreatsETC

Tara Maclay is Alive and Well and Living in... [Free]

Tara Maclay is Alive and Well and Living in... [Free]: by @thatstephenb

This is a short prompt based game that re-imagines some of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer canon.

I was inspired to write it for The Gays Will Not Stay Buried: The Queer Undead Jam.

I started trying to write a companion Belonging Outside Belonging game which I hope to finish at a later date.

In 2002, it was reported that Tara Maclay was shot and killed by Warren Mears in Sunnydale, California. This event was the justification Willow Rosenberg used to commit murder and attempt to destroy the world.

But Tara's death was just a spell.Tara Maclay ended her relationship with Willow Rosenberg. After Willow violated Tara's autonomy, Tara left. Willow could not bear to live in a world where Tara would leave her. Willow cast a spell so Tara would be dead to her and all of the Scoobies. None of the Scoobies would ever be able to see Tara again.

You now have the opportunity to experience Tara’s life post-Willow.

Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:


19XX [$1.00]

19XX [$1.00]:

19XX is a microgame and a hack of 24XX by Jason Tocci, inspired by the retro-absurdist futures of Blendo Games. Created for the 2020 24XX jam.

You play a team of low-life contractors desperately trying to pay the bills, called on to do the jobs no corporate mercenary will take. A fusion ramen chain hires you to replace a critical datatape with an impostor onboard a high-speed space elevator capsule. Agents of the mecha-presidente hire your company to optain a diplomatic safe in transit at a high-traffic airport. Hotline, reckless cyber jockey, betrays you while you are on the cusp of victory.

The rules are light, and encourage complicated plans with tools that are more reliable than most of your characters. Detailed jobs based on the scenarios listed in the microgame may be provided in the future (if time is available). Dinner will be served aboard the Orbital Express, keeping the rich up and the poor down since 1980.

Grab your deck, we're going hacking.

Photo Credit: Pxfuel

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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If you have trouble with finances, please feel free to take one!



The Witch of The Westmoreland [£3.00]

The Witch of The Westmoreland [£3.00]: by @laurie_eee


Pale was the wounded knight, that bore the rowan shieldLoud and cruel were the raven's cries that feasted on the fieldSaying "Beck water cold and clear will never clean your woundThere's none but the witch of the Westmoreland can make thee hale

and sound”

The Witch of the Westmoreland is a tarot based Arthurian fantasy RPG inspired by the song 'The Witch of the West-mer-lands' by  Archie Fisher, and horrors drawn from English and Welsh folk tales.

You will need : a tarot deck and 2-5 players, one of whom will act as the GM

You play the companions of a knight who has been gravely wounded in battle. Your task is to escort him safely through the forests to the Witch of the Westmoreland, the only one who can heal his wounds. 

But be warned: the woods are dangerous and terrifying, full of things waiting to devour unwary travellers. 

Inspired by Royal Blood by Grant Howitt

Content warnings for general Arthurian and English folk-tale inspired horror. The events are randomly generated through tarot carts, so you should always feel free to pull a different card if there's something you don't wish to experience.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £3 GBP. You will get access to the following files:

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Every time this game is purchased, I will add another community copy. If you cannot afford to try out this game and you want to, let me know and I will add another community copy.  Community copies added so far: 11

Business Wizards [$14.99]

Business Wizards [$14.99]: by @9thLevelGames

Demon Boy

A roleplaying game in the Arcane World of Business! 

In  the same vein as Kobolds Ate My Baby! this new Polymorph title brings much silliness and a meta take on both BUSINESS and WIZARDS!!! Fans of Kobolds Ate My Baby and other Polymorph games will both LOVE clocking into this adventure!

In Business Wizards you are a BIZARD!  That means you are wizard who is ALL BUSINESS! You solve your daily problems with magic and sorcery rather than good old fashioned work ethic!

Do you love a challenge? Can you cast legendary spells on time and under budget? Are your illusionary projections actually illusions? Join a magically powered up team with flexible hours and competitive treasure/experience share. Only highly proficient communicators and ace spellcasters need apply. Experience with Crystal Balls, PCs and NPCs is a plus.

In Business Wizards you can: 

  • Attend STAFF meetings
  • Get mad at the MIMIC copier
  • Chat around the GELATINOUS CUBE cooler
  • Summon COFFEE
  • and much more!

The Innovator Role D4

The Dynamo Role D6

The Cutthroat Role D8

The Manager Role D10

Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:


Old Wives' Tales [Free]

Old Wives' Tales [Free]: by @Groundhoggoth
A Storygame Exploring the Power That Lurks in Words of Wisdom
Old Wives' Tales

Goblin Management [Free]

Goblin Management [Free]: by @shipburner
a game about dealing with goblins, for one player
Goblin Management

The Hero's Die [$12.00]

The Hero's Die [$12.00]:


The Hero’s Die is a table-top Role-Playing Game (RPG) that uses light mechanics to help you create an adventure with a strong narrative. The players are the Heroes of the adventure. The Heroes decide how they will act when confronted with a variety of challenges and puzzles, all while attempting to fulfill a plot and accomplish a goal. In The Hero’s Die, the players create a story centered around their personalized Heroes on an adventure of their making.

Things that set THD apart from other RPG systems:

Narrative control - THD is governed by two guiding principles: Narrative compatibility & Narrative intent.

Hero Creation - Heroes are designed to be uniquely yours. Heroes grow through the use of Attributes and Skills, which are developed through gameplay. Race, stat blocks, and stereotypes are discouraged. The focus of the adventure is on you.

Villain Generator - Villains are designed to reflect a variety of difficulties that can suit the various needs of adventuring Heroes. They can be intricately planned or spawned on a moment's notice. The goal is for the villains to help promote the story onward.

HD Lite - For those who do not have the time or desire to prepare or read through modules and campaigns. HD Lite takes the core mechanics of THD and allows the players to experience a randomized one shot that will be unlike any adventure they've encountered before. With the diverse characteristics and high level of personalization, no two HD Lite games will ever be the same.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Zona Roja [$1.00]

Zona Roja [$1.00]:

In this 2-page cyberpunk tabletop RPG you play as a sex worker, from hotline operators to streetwalkers, from cam-girls to strippers. Life ain't easy and you have dreams, as any other human being. You have to survive this world by cyber-upgrading your body and thinking smart.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:


Dark Maria RPG [Free]

Dark Maria RPG [Free]:

Dark Maria is a rules-light system for mystery solving adventures, regardless of genre.   

The premise of this system is that crimes are still being committed while the players are investigating. This pressure means that the longer the players take, the more likely a new crime is to occur (as represented by the crime deck). Furthermore insight points, needed to see all the inferences of clues, are limited. The players will have to decide which clues are valuable and which are red herrings. But above all, the players want to solve the crime before the Dark Maria is drawn and the mastermind is able to do something that cannot be undone. . . 


Ash Island $15.00

Ash Island: $15.00
Publisher: Pufferfish

Ash Island is a roleplaying game of pain, darkness, despair, and hope for a GM and one or more players, set in a fog-shrouded New England town on a small island dominated by an evil force that manifests the characters' own inner demons to torment them. 

You take the role of anchorites, unfortunate souls bound to the dark spirit of the island by the unique suffering of their own personal sins or trauma. You answered the island's siren call and find yourself trapped in a ghost town full of dangerous monsters. Unarmed and alone, you must use your talents to explore, arm yourself, and find a way to escape. Of course, you can't just run away. There's something else you have to do first...

Using an innovative blackjack based rules system, Ash Island is a personal survival horror story game based on the Ruled by Night SRD and inspired by "Silent Hill", "Shutter Island", "Identity", "1408", and "Twin Peaks". 

The 88-page book contains several maps of different parts of Ash Island, because you never know where your own personal hell will drag you. 

Ash Island

Price: $15.00

XD12 Superhero System $4.99

XD12 Superhero System: $4.99
Publisher: XD12 Games

Super Action!  Super Thrills!  Super Adventure!

Take on the role of a COMIC BOOK SUPERHERO fighting legions of nefarious criminals, monsters, and supervillains!  YOU create the hero YOU want to play with a simple, yet comprehensive ruleset that allows for a wide variety of character archetypes and customization!  The XD12 SUPERHERO SYSTEM uses unique and easy game mechanics to resolve character tasks and combat so players and referees can focus on saving the day!

Characters in continuing campaigns will be able to develop and improve existing powers and abilities, or gain new ones, while garnering the admiration and respect of the people with rules for experience and reputation!

The XD12 SUPERHERO SYSTEM includes all rules needed to create heroes and villains, a complete set of game rules, nine sample supervillains, a sample hero, a setting outline, rules for running (and improving) supervillains, a character sheet, and helpful tables for the referee.  In addition, each player and the referee will need a handful of twelve-sided dice, a couple of six-sided dice, writing instruments, scratch paper, a love for the superhero genre, and lots of imagination for hours of fun and excitement!  Get your copy today!

XD12 Superhero System

Price: $4.99

Mercenary - Fractured Land - Tactical Skirmish RPG $4.99

Mercenary - Fractured Land - Tactical Skirmish RPG: $4.99 by @FrontierGaming4
  Publisher: Frontier Gaming

In Mercenary – Fractured Land (MFL) you take on the role of a Mercenary Commander charged with sending a Squad of Operatives into the Neutral Zone – a theatre of conflict in the centre of the former United States.

Choose your Operatives and their Specialities then equip them with Weapon Systems, Countermeasures and Defenses. Setting up your Squad gives you the potential for over seven thousand combinations of unique Operatives. Experiment with what works, but ensure only the best make the cut for your final five.

Hit the Neutral Zone hard and play the hand you are dealt, adapting your battle-strategy whilst keeping rival Squads down scope. Once you have achieved all you can, Extract with your PayDay intact and achieve Victory.

In this fractured land the strong survive, but the best get paid.

Mercenary - Fractured Land - Tactical Skirmish RPG

Price: $4.99

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Thursday, 19 November 2020

The Waiting [$1.00]

The Waiting [$1.00]: by @jnbutlerart

A one page GM-less roleplaying game of suspense for 1 or more players.

The Waiting is inspired by the anxiety caused by waiting for the unknown.

In The Waiting you play as a character in a setting where it hasn’t happened yet. It is definitely going to happen, but no one knows when it will happen. Until it happens, there is only The Waiting.

Hurry up, grab some dice, and wait!

Files included with this download:

  • The Waiting PDF (Printer Friendly)
  • The Waiting rich and plain text files (Screen Reader Ready)
  • TTRPG Safety Toolkit Guide PDF by Kienna Shaw and Lauren Bryant-Monk.

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