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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Party! Monster! Monster! Party! $2.00

Party! Monster! Monster! Party!: $2.00
Publisher: Ursidice

The weekend is finally here, and tonight is the BIG COSTUME PARTY at Silver & Gold - a club in the bad part of town that lets anyone in. The only problem is, you’ve heard that MONSTERS ARE PLANNING TO RUIN THE NIGHT!

That’s right, if being teenagers & surviving High School wasn’t tough enough, you also live in a town with a poorly disguised PORTAL TO HELL at its centre. Not everyone knows about the evil that seeps from the rotten core of Summertown, but you and your friends sure do. Most nights, you head out to hunt when other teenagers are just enjoying being kids. 

Can you manage to enjoy just one party without it being ruined by FORCES FROM HELL?

PARTY! MONSTER! MONSTER! PARTY! is a mini RPG about fighting monsters, whilst trying to keep the party alive.

Party! Monster! Monster! Party!

Price: $2.00

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