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Sunday, 22 November 2020

The Ballad of Texas Red - A Murder Mystery Role Playing Game $5.00

The Ballad of Texas Red - A Murder Mystery Role Playing Game: $5.00
Publisher: Strachan Games

Welcome to The Ballad of Texas Red, a murder mystery roleplaying game.

A notorious outlaw is hiding out in a small town, deep in the Wild West. It's up to the rest of the townsfolk to figure out who the outlaw is, and put them down. But be careful: you can never know who to trust, or what someone might really want...

This is a one-off social deception roleplaying game for 5-6 players. Players roleplay as their characters, using snippets of knowledge no one else knows to slowly solve the many mysteries of this town. Players will lie and decieve, plot and scheme, and when your suspicions are confirmed... shoot to kill.

This isn't a game for sitting around a table; it's a game for standing, for whispering, for pulling your friend into another room away from listening ears. 

Also included are rules for playing Online over voice or video calls. An extra person is needed to act as a Moderator in Online play. 

Good luck, and trust no one.

The Ballad of Texas Red - A Murder Mystery Role Playing Game

Price: $5.00

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