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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Metal Reign [Free]

Metal Reign [Free]:

This game is about giant mecha saving the world. This isn’t trying to be a more “realistic” game about managing ammo, heat or worrying about where the shot hits in order to blow of limbs. The goal is to achieve the feel of the mecha anime, Voltron, and the Transformer movies. The mecha in those are action heroes able to do amazing things.

Another mecha rpg? Yes. There are countless fantasy rpgs out there. More variety is good.

This is an OSR adjacent game. Built upon the Knave (by Ben Milton) framework:

  • Stats rated by their bonus.
  • Set difficulty (10) for saves.
  • Inventory slots.
  • Abilities determined by gear. 

But there are major Into the Odd (by Chris McDowall) influences: 

  • Three stats. 
  • No “to-hit” roll - straight damage dice. 

 I consider this game a hack of both.

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