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Saturday, 21 November 2020

19XX [$1.00]

19XX [$1.00]:

19XX is a microgame and a hack of 24XX by Jason Tocci, inspired by the retro-absurdist futures of Blendo Games. Created for the 2020 24XX jam.

You play a team of low-life contractors desperately trying to pay the bills, called on to do the jobs no corporate mercenary will take. A fusion ramen chain hires you to replace a critical datatape with an impostor onboard a high-speed space elevator capsule. Agents of the mecha-presidente hire your company to optain a diplomatic safe in transit at a high-traffic airport. Hotline, reckless cyber jockey, betrays you while you are on the cusp of victory.

The rules are light, and encourage complicated plans with tools that are more reliable than most of your characters. Detailed jobs based on the scenarios listed in the microgame may be provided in the future (if time is available). Dinner will be served aboard the Orbital Express, keeping the rich up and the poor down since 1980.

Grab your deck, we're going hacking.

Photo Credit: Pxfuel

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