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Friday, 16 October 2020

Love and Resistance $15.00

Love and Resistance: $15.00 by @camdon

Publisher: Unicorn Motorcycle Games

Love and Resistance is an anthology of little games created to inspire people to fight back. Join us in raising money and spreading awareness to take a stand against the injustice in our world. In this volume of Love and Resistance, games centre around what’s happening at the border, exploring themes of isolation, belonging, ancestry, separation, and family. These unique games help foster the hard discussions we need to be having about what’s happening around us.

Over thirty incredible designers come together to resist hopelessness and offer love despite the world’s slide into hate. In Love and Resistance, you’re invited to engage in thoughtful, intentionally designed small games created to help each of us fight back, learn empathy, and remember love. Get in touch with what matters, with each other, and with your ability to make a stand.

All proceeds will go to RAICES in an effort to free people from cages, reunite families, and stop the mass abuses happening in the camps.

Games by: Banana Chan, Camdon Wright, Catherine Ramen, Christopher Challice, Crystal Mazur, Emily Care Boss, Gareth Graham, Grant Howitt, Jason Morningstar, Jennifer Adcock, Jessey Wright, John Harper, John Stavropoulos, Joie Martin, Joyce Chng, K.N. Granger, Kat Jones, Kate Bullock, Kimberley Lam, Lucian Kahn, Meguey Baker, Melissa Lewis-Gentry, Melissa Taylor-Gates, Miguel Espinoza, Misha Bushyager, Nicole Winchester, Noella Handley, Phil Vecchione, Satyros Phil Brucato, Senda Linaugh, Sen-Foong Lim, Stephanie Bryant, Tim Hutchings, and Wendelyn Reischl.

There are two digital versions of Love & Resistance attached. One is a typical PDF and the other uses a non-patented vision layers for maximum accessibility.

Love and Resistance

Price: $15.00

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