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Friday, 16 October 2020

Libreté: A Game of Lost Children $15.00

Libreté: A Game of Lost Children: $15.00 by @GMDecay

Publisher: GMDK

The city is dead. The grown-ups are gone. And the rain never, ever stops.

Libreté is a tabletop role-playing game that invites you to assume the lives of children trying to survive in a world without adults. In The City you'll need to come together to form a community with other refugee children, overcome the gangs that seek to take what is yours, and avoid being devoured by the vicious Sirains that lurk in every raindrop and puddle. It features:

  • A modified PbtA engine that encourages roleplay and collective worldbuilding
  • Unique mechanics to reflect stress, trauma, and the grit required to survive at any cost
  • 11 Player Archetypes, each with their own skills, goals, strengths, and weaknesses
  • The seeds of countless tragedies
This marks the first English translation of Vivien Féasson's game, originally published in French in 2016. Edited by Jarrett Crader and Fiona Geist of the Moonrat Conspiracy, with art by Lauren Bryce and Matthieu Chevalier. Design by Dai Shugars.

Libreté: A Game of Lost Children

Price: $15.00

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