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Friday, 16 October 2020

Goons of the Tombs $4.00

Goons of the Tombs: $4.00

Publisher: Tibbius

Adventure in Ancient Egypt, using simple 2d6-roll-over rules consistent with Nate Treme's original Tunnel Goons. Use weapons and Heka to achieve your goonish goals.

Like heroes ... like thieves ... like goons ... you stride the Two Lands, river to tomb to city to desert.

Beneath the ever-traveling barge of the sun sprawls the Red Land, the harsh scrubland of weeds and succulents among red-orange stone weathered to sand. Nomadic herders wander there.

The Black Land is the fertile river valley that splits the Red Land from the rocky ochre hills down to the verdant saltmarsh by the purple sea. At the high parts of the Black Land, above the floodmark, cities of the living sprawl among lower-lying farmland that is renewed each year by the river floods.

In the parts of the Red Land near the living cities, the houses of the sleeping ones stand silent and ornate, filled with treasure and dreams. These faces of the Red and Black Lands make the Waking Land, where the living walk and gods and demons dream. The Sleeping Land comprises Duat and Ament, the back faces of the Red and Black, where those who dream and gods and demons walk.

These are the Two Lands.

Goons of the Tombs

Price: $4.00

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