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Sunday, 13 September 2020

Revolutionary: A familiar and radical TTRPG $11.80

Revolutionary: A familiar and radical TTRPG: $11.80

Publisher: Orestis Gargith


If you are an enthusiast of the most famous fantasy RPGs but want to try something different or want to try a TTRPG that’s more action heavy and fast paced, with lots of freedom on how to make your own unique build then you should try the Revolutionary!

Revolutionary takes many common aspects from TTRPGs and pushes them further. For example damage and HP upon creation of your character are not based on dices, but rather are fixated numbers that are increased with abilities, which means that the combat is faster and more tactical.

Another approach that Revolutionary does is that there are no EXPs, players level up based on the story and their encounters, and preparing a balanced combat encounter, at the level of difficulty you want it to, is really easy.

Finally, there a lot of races and classes to choose from and do not determine that much about your build as in other TTRPGs. Instead it falls on you whether or not your Paladin will play as “sith lord” with lightning and force spells or your Wizard will play as a cleric with many heals and supportive abilities, or your Bard as an elementalist with fireballs and lightning storms like a wizard evoker but better!

The Core Book is 150 pages and contains everything you need:

  1. 14 Races and 18 Classes

  2. Martial classes like fighter, barbarian, rogue, monk, ranger, warlord choose their abilities from a list of powers that each one offers different mechanics, which is named Marital Pool. It contains 5 levels of powers with 40-60 martial powers for each level.

  3. Spellcaster classes like cleric, wizard, sorcerer, bard, druid  choose their abilities from a list of powers that each one offers different mechanics, which is named Spell Pool. It contains 5 levels of spells with 40-60 spells for each level.

  4. You can easily create your own classes and powers!

  5. All classes get the same amount of powers/spells at every level and so classes are balanced. None is overpowered or underpowered.

  6. If you learn how to read a power then you know the combat system! Is that simple! Combat rules are but 10 pages!

  7. The combat is easy for newcomers and it also has complexity for more experienced players. Also it has incredible mobility, is very aggressive and requires tactics and use of mechanics.

  8. A final level of powers that's called Epic and are godlike abilities.

  9. There is also a Monster Manual that features 30 Monsters, more will come, and a simple guide on how to prepare an encounter.

Revolutionary: A familiar and radical TTRPG

Price: $11.80

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