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Sunday, 13 September 2020

Micro Chapbook RPG: EVIL EDITION $2.99

Micro Chapbook RPG: EVIL EDITION: $2.99

Publisher: Micro RPG

Brutal, dark, and unforgiving, a villain’s life is never an easy one. 
The Micro Chapbook RPG system is an ultra-simple roleplaying game that can be played solo or with a traditional GM if you so wish. The EVIL EDITION is the second Deluxe Core Rulebook for the dark fantasy version of the system.

The main game focuses on solitaire gameplay, starring a single power hungry villain. It uses randomly generated dungeon scenarios to make each game session a little different.

The universe for this game is brutal, unforgiving, and dark. It takes notes from such classics as Dungeon Quest and Deathtrap Dungeon. Expect to die and die often.

What is the difference between this book and the previous Deluxe Core Rulebook? This book focuses on playing evil and villainous characters. These characters will tend to be more powerful than your normal goodhearted hero. However, being evil has its drawbacks. Personal corruption can make you rot inside and out, not to mention make you an outcast of society.

This core rulebook features all new EVIL classes and races. Special dark powers set these characters apart.

Of course, there is nothing saying that any other race from other gamebooks in the system cannot also be evil. OR that the races included here might work for a normal heroic character.

This book also includes new rules for Corruption, Theft, Intimidation, and more.

Micro Chapbook RPG: EVIL EDITION

Price: $2.99

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