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Sunday, 13 September 2020

Laser-Ritter: Ashcan Edition $15.00

Laser-Ritter: Ashcan Edition: $15.00

Publisher: Bad Quail Games

Laser-Ritter is an analog adventure game about swashbuckling heroes journeying among endless stars to embrace their destiny. There are rendezvous in hazy tap rooms, chases across distant moons, and showdowns with the forces of galactic evil. We play to find out how our Laser-Ritters follow their passions and face their pasts to triumph over adversity.

Create Your Own Galaxy of Adventure!

Laser-Ritter gives space for you to create your own saga. There's no burdensome timeline of canon events or overwhelming lists of characters, spaceships, and alien species to be contradicted. Every group begins their saga by creating their own dramatic title crawl to establish what's happening when the adventure begins!

Easy Rules with Space for Kit-Bashing

Laser-Ritter uses a simple system designed to be familiar to old hands while  welcoming to new players. It's kept lean to give space for each group to make their own rulings and modifications to suit their needs and preferences. The ample margins of the document give you space to annotate right in the book!

Included Materials

Laser-Ritter includes:

  • A core rule book PDF illustrated by Charles Simon and Oliver Schirmacher.
  • A PDF containing playbooks for four Callings: the Freebooter, Scoundrel, Mystic, and Counselor.

Required Materials

To play, Laser-Ritter requires:

  • These rules, printed out or on a laptop or tablet.
  • A printout of the Calling playbooks.
  • Scrap paper and pencils.
  • Dice! For each player: three ten-sided dice, two in a matching color. For the table: a few six-sided dice.
  • Something to use as tokens: poker chips, bottle caps, glass beads, extra dice, etc.


This is a fully play-ready proof-of-concept/playtest version of the game. The rules will change and expand based on player feedback. If you read or play Laser-Ritter we want to know your thoughts! Please leave comments here, on Twitter @Bad_Quail, or by email to the.bad.quail@gmail.com.

Laser-Ritter: Ashcan Edition

Price: $15.00

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