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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Ir-Raxx tal-Baħar [Free]

Ir-Raxx tal-Baħar [Free]:


Ir-Raxx tal-Baħar is a solo lyric game that recount's the author's experiences of growing up by the sea in Malta. It does so by exploring various childhood memories, and focuses on the view from the author's bedroom window.

The game is inspired by Brian Eno's piece The Big Ship from his album Another Green World, and aims to capture a sense of wistfulness, nostalgia, and childhood memories.

ZIP file containing a 12 page PDF of the game, a 12 page dyslexia friendly PDF, and a plain text version of the game.


Ir-Raxx tal-Baħar hija lgħajba lirika li tirrakkonta esperjenzi tat-trobbija tal-awtur ħdejn il-baħar f'Malta. Il-lgħajba tesplora diversi memorji tat-tfulija, u tiffoka fuq il-veduta mit-tieqa tal-kamra tas-sodda tal-awtur.

Il-lgħajba ħadet ispirazzjoni mid-diska The Big Ship ta' Brian Eno mill-album Another Green World, u tipprova tiġbor sens ta' kieb, nostalġija, u l-memorji tat-tfulija.

Fajl ZIP li jiġbor flimkien PDF ta' 12-il paġna tal-lgħajba , PDF ta' 12-il paġna li huwa aħjar għal min għandu d-dislessija, u verżjoni tal-lgħajba li hija kitba biss.

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