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Sunday, 13 September 2020

Fire! and The Necronomicon $0.00

Fire! and The Necronomicon: $0.00

Publisher: Librarians & Leviathans

Terrible secrets and unthinkable beings lurk at every corner of reality, ready to shatter your very sanity! Dare you delve into those mysteries to grant humanity another day of grace?

Fire and The Necronomicon is a hack of Lasers & Feelings, designed to allow quick, simple, improvised Lovecraftian adventures. Choose a simple archetype and roll up a random adventure. Choose whether your character leans towards Fire (action, instinct, reason, and destroying all evidence of weirdness for the sake of saving others the horrors you have witnessed) or The Necronomicon (lore, speculation, and learning to use occult secrets for the greater good).

This is a free, simple, quick framework for low-mechanics weird mystery roleplaying.

Fire! and The Necronomicon

Price: $0.00

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