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Sunday, 13 September 2020

.dungeon (free playkit) $0.00

.dungeon (free playkit): $0.00

Publisher: John Battle

Check out the kickstarter!

.dungeon is a game that captures the feeling and atmosphere of an MMORPG but in a tabletop space. Inspired by isekai stories like Sword Art Online and Digimon, but also filled with the life and love of the internet that shows like .hack//sign, Log Horizon, and Code Lyoko have.

As a game, .dungeon uses the standard set of polyhedral dice as your stats and turns everything from the landscape to the weather into opposition by assigning those same dice to their stats. To do something, you decide which stat you're using and roll that dice against the opposition's stat. Higher number wins.

What sets this game apart from other adventure-style games are the classes. It's inspired by the meta-influenced roles of Werewolf, so that each class draws from the real world to give you abilities. The Beast, for instance, lets you take the form of your pets, while the Artist lets you help your teammates by creating art, telling stories, or reciting poetry. There will be a large selection of classes available in the base game, and there are people creating their own custom classes already!

.dungeon (free playkit)

Price: $0.00

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