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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Magical Malfeasance [$4.00]

Magical Malfeasance [$4.00]:

You were a regular high-school girl, going about her normal day-to-day life... ...Until you made a wrong turn.
While taking a shortcut home, you encounter a monster. An abomination that makes your blood run cold. As it looms over you. Its maw inches from your face, a glimmering crystal appears and offers you salvation. 

Alas. The crystal lied. 

Now, as a newly minted Magical Girl, you must fight your way through the nightmarish cycle of monsters to hunt down The Core– the demonic source at the beginning and end of this onslaught– to obliterate The Cycle, and your accursed crystal, before they might do the same unto you. 

As you struggle with all your magical might to destroy monsters and reach The Core in the hope of ending the cycle of suffering perpetuated by the crystal, you must survive daily life as both a magical and normal girl. 

Magical Malfeasance is a singleplayer journaling TTRPG based on the "Wretched And Alone" system.

The game is played with a deck of cards and a falling block tower. However, this falling block tower is split into two separate towers.

One tower represents your vitality; the other represents how close the monsters are to tracking you down.

Successfully managing these two towers as you move blocks between them might just be the key to vanquishing The Core.

In mere days, try as you may to trudge through an eternity of magic and corruption, and cling to the once-peaceful life you hold dear.
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