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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

The Silent Garden [$1.50]

The Silent Garden [$1.50]:

You are Medusa. Once beautiful, you were cursed centuries ago by the gods and now all who look upon you turn to stone. Resigned to your fate, you have made a place for yourself far away from anyone who would seek you. You have tended your garden in peace for a long time, content to spend your days alone amongst the flowers and trees. 

As much as your strive for a life of peaceful solitude, it does not go uninterrupted. 

They always manage to find you. And one by one they all meet the same fate, turned to stone and cursed to take their place in the garden. 

The Silent Garden is a solo, journaling game about Medusa walking through her garden, remembering all of the people who have taken residence as statues there. It is a written in a way that allows you to choose your own  path and features over 50 unique pathways that can be taken through the garden. Choose your path and tell the story of the statue found at the end of it, continuing until you reach the end of the garden.

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