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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Sabre RPG 2e Scifi Edition $4.99

Sabre RPG 2e Scifi Edition: $4.99

Publisher: Dragonsbane Entertainment

The Sabre RPG system has evolved, and the scifi edition is no exception. Just as with the 1st edition rules, the Sabre RPG is a system built on foundations of realism, smooth play and flexibility, featuring a skill-based d100 core with passive talents, active manoeuvres, and in-game "on-the-spot" character advancement.

The scifi version of Sabre is based on the same core rules as the fantasy game, and with this 2nd edition release, they are more compatible than ever, making it easy to have science gadgets in your fantasy game, or space-faring wizards in your epic mish-mash adventure! Refined mechanics, better layout and new art make this manual a vast improvement on the older version.

This edition of Sabre focuses on science fiction adventures, and is capable of tackling historical settings from medieval times, through to black powder and 19th century adventures, to modern times with rules for automatic weapons, modern armour and vehicles. You can even add in psychic abilities for additional flavour. From there you can go into high-tech settings with rules for advanced vehicles, weapons & powered armour. A robust invention system allows you to craft your own improvised weapons and equipment, including cool science gadgets. It's even possible to begin a campaign in a level of medieval technology and eventually craft your way to high-tech!

Choose from one of fifteen available species, from the humble (or not) human to androids, genetically engineered crows, silicon-based lifeforms and towering robots.

Sabre RPG 2e Scifi Edition

Price: $4.99

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