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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Legend - Lite Fantasy RPG $4.99

Legend - Lite Fantasy RPG: $4.99

Publisher: FeralGamersInc

Welcome to Legends

Legends is a rules-lite, setting free Fantasy RPG. The game is quick to set up and character creation is lightning fast. If you want to jump into a game which can be a single adventure played over a few hours or a campaign played over week’s then Legends will allow you to do both.
Within this book you will find:
  • Character Creation that uses Pre-generated characters that you can build upon or you can build your character from scratch.
  • A simple dice mechanic where you add your Stat to your skill and beat a target number.
  • Complete rules to play the game.
  • A large selection of Armour, Weapons and Gear.
  • A Game where all dice Explode! Including damage dice.
  • A freeform magic system, that allows you to make the spell you want and cast it as many times as you like.
  • Freeform Alchemy system
  • Help with world-building
  • A selection of monsters to battle with blank monster sheets so you can build your own.
To play the game you will need a complete set of dice and some friends.
Legends has everything you need to play a quick easy to learn Fantasy RPG in a world that you have created, or it can be easily included into any established setting of your choice.

Happy Gaming

Legend - Lite Fantasy RPG

Price: $4.99

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