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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Goblin Chemistry [Free]

Goblin Chemistry [Free]:

Glemglork is quite possibly the most famous goblin of all time - you've seen them on Goblin magazine, they've conquered half the known goblin world, and their hit song Bad Goblin is top of the charts. They're the goblin everybody's dying to know, and YOU have a chance to win their heart!

In Goblin Chemistry, any number of goblins will compete to win the affection of Glemglork. Each round, they'll roll a number of dice, with each result corresponding to an ingredient in the love potions they're brewing. Most potions have potent results, but not all of them are always positive! With their love potions and the help of the Producer, every goblin will go on dates with Glemglork to try to earn their affection.

Should any goblin ever roll all six ingredients at once, they craft the perfect love potion and win!
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