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Monday, 23 March 2020

But They Were Not Alone [Free]

But They Were Not Alone [Free]:


This is not a place of total despair, and it is not a place of common hope.

It is neither the best

nor the worst

of all possible worlds.

What it is, is all you've got.

Make the most of it.

But They Were Not Alone is a diceless GMless conversational TTRPG. It follows a day in the life of a social worker in a post-singularity world. The social worker visits clients, dealing with their problems and getting to the heart of what they want and need. Between clients the social worker travels through this changed place, reflecting on the nature of the world, and themselves.

This game is based on concepts found in the sixth book of the Charlotte Powers series, One Girl Army. It was made for the Beyond The Super Jam, hosted by riley rethal (https://metagame.itch.io/).

Although this is not a Spindlewheel game, a Spindlewheel deck can be used during play. Spindlewheel was created by Sasha Reneau (https://www.sashareneau.com/) and can be found at https://22to22.itch.io/spindlewheel-microgames. If you want to make your own Spindlewheel deck you can find the necessary files at https://tinyurl.com/spindledecks.


But They Were Not Alone (PDF): The core rules.

BTWNA - Handouts (PDF): Handily formatted sheets to help when creating your world and clients, along with actions and moves to use during visits.

The Silent Spirits (PDF or ePub): 'Replay' transcript of a game session. In a pit city drenched with constant rain, a scarred girl uses her connection with voiceless spirits to help others.

We Corrupted Dreamers (PDF or ePub): 'Replay' transcript of a game session. Aboard a fleet affected by strange corruption and fearful monsters, hope is found when young people gain the ability to transform into magical girls. But will the military command accept this potential threat to their control?

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