Thursday, 18 July 2019

Agents of Dracula - A Mini-RPG

Agents of Dracula - A Mini-RPG:

Agents of Dracula - A Mini-RPG
Publisher: Bix Six Adventures

You are powerful monsters. Slay Dracula's enemies, or slay the King of Vampires himself!

Agents of Dracula is a simple mini-RPG where the players are the monsters. Players can choose or randomly roll a D6 to choose from six different monsters. Agents of Dracula provides two scenarios for the Vampire Master (VM) to choose from. You can choose Agents of Dracula where the players are hunting down one of Dracula's enemies. You can also choose Dracula Hunters where the players are trying to find and kill Dracula! The VM is provided multiple tables to randomly generate the elements of each scenario.

The players can choose from the following monsters:

1) Skeleton

2) Goblin

3) Minotaur

4) Mummy

5) Werewolf

6) Minor Vampire

The PDF file also contains a Player Sheet and a VM sheet.

Price: $1.00

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