Thursday, 7 February 2019

Tyrnador JumpStart

Tyrnador JumpStart:

Tyrnador JumpStart
Publisher: GRAmel

Imagine a land where men, dwarves and elves vie for supremacy, trying at the same time to survive the threat of the goblinoids and the dangers of the wilds. This place is the Kingdom of Ventar, founded centuries ago by a human prince looking to fulfill the Fate of his people, written in an ancient Prophecy.

And then, suddenly, the forgotten Prophecy came true: from the Sleepless Sea the fleet of the Necromancer came, to subdue the living and drag them into darkness. Only by fighting together did the Free People manage to repel the Necromancer, who today lurks, defeated but not destroyed, beyond the Gates of Night, an immense fortress in the far north.

Ventar lies destroyed and devastated: cities and villages are reduced to ruins filled with monsters, pleasant fields have become dark woods populated by bandits and ogres, and, in the deep forests, powerful Faerie coming from the mysterious Faerann try to lure and enslave mortals at their whim.

This is Tyrnador: Fate of Ventar, a land where mighty warriors, cunning rogues, wise priests and powerful mages dare to enter the ruins and explore the Wyldlands to find enough power to rebuild their land. So, grab your sword, learn your spells, and be sure your backpack is full of rations and torches. Are you ready to discover what the real Fate of Ventar will be?

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