Thursday, 7 February 2019

RPJ Sci-Fi

RPJ Sci-Fi:

RPJ Sci-Fi
Publisher: Many Words Press

RPJ Sci-Fi is a space-opera roleplaying game, set in the twilight years of a galaxy-spanning empire which traces its heritage back to the conquests of Alexander the Great, thousands of years before. Led by the Autokrator, suffering under the thumb of the vast bureaucracies, at the mercy of border raids and outright invasions from the Empire's foes, humanity struggles even to survive.

At the heart of the Empire's endurance are the Navarchoi and their jump ships: voidships titanic enough to mount jump engines and the immense reactors and capacitor banks which drive them, and to carry smaller voidships between the stars. Only jump ships are large enough to carry jump engines of their own. Only the Empire, even in its age of decline, is wealthy enough to support privately-owned merchant jump ships.

Navarchoi and their inner circles travel the galaxy, the lifeblood of trade, the Empire's vanguard at home and abroad. In RPJ Sci-Fi, you tell the story of their adventures.

Inside the RPJ Sci-Fi rulebook, you'll find...

  • A selection of character classes, from Navarchoi to veterans of the Imperial military to merchants, nobles, and scoundrels.
  • Rules to create voidships and jump ships.
  • Lists of items, rules for crafting, and guidelines for technological wonders beyond the ken of modern natural philosophy.
  • Thematic information on the Empire, sufficient to root your adventures in the universe.
Price: $5.00

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