Thursday, 7 February 2019

RPJ Core

RPJ Core:

RPJ Core
Publisher: Many Words Press

RPJ Core is a generic tabletop roleplaying engine. Rather than provide rules for every circumstance, it pushes some implementation details down to modules, complete games which build on top of it.

This is a prerelease product. Major rules changes are unlikely, but still possible.

Key Features

  • Level-less, skill-based character system
    RPJ characters are the sum of their skills: given proper investment, any character can be good at anything. At the same time, a lightweight character class system helps to guide and focus character builds.
  • Narrative focus
    RPJ's core mechanics are designed to put the emphasis on storytelling, by giving gamemasters tools to represent common narrative situations, and by giving players tools to fix situations when the dice go against their character concepts.
  • Streamlined combat and damage
    Combat occurs in a gridless framework based on large regions, using a simple adjacency system to determine who is close to whom. Damage is resolved using a saving throw system: when receiving damage, characters roll to shrug it off.
  • Modern ranged combat rulesAn optional system for cover, suppressive fire, and more fills in the gaps for combat using firearms and other modern and futuristic weapons.
  • Magic, conditions, and more
    RPJ is designed for modularity. Not only does it leave room for modules to implement their own systems, it provides some example optional mechanics suitable for cribbing. Extensibility is a central design goal.
  • Permissive licensingRPJ's core mechanics are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike-Noncommercial license, so that they remain freely available to all. Its optional mechanics, however, are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution license, so that they can be readily copied, remixed, and included in commercial products.
Price: $5.00

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