Thursday, 7 February 2019

Ready Zero

Ready Zero:

Ready Zero
Publisher: Weaponized Ink Chris Gunning

Strap in, Pilot

Ready Zero is a game about mecha fighting inhuman bio-mechanoids.

It is July 2191 and you are a mecha pilot posted aboard Colossus Station Xibalba. You are at the forefront for the re-establishment of contact with the lost colonies. At your fingertips is the most advanced mecha ever designed; the Military Nonspecific Tactical Armor / Universal Role (MiNoTAUR).  As a 'ready zero' pilot, you are expected to launch at a moment's notice. 

Retake the Stars.

Opposing you are the cryptic Xrafstra -- giant biomechanoids equally at home in the aether and realspace.  They are hostile and territorial, and their violence is the root cause for the loss of contact with the colonies.  They will need to be defeated in order for humanity to blaze a trail to the colonies and regain our interstellar ascendancy. 

Flight Commander?  You Launch... Now!

  • Ready Zero uses streamlined rules focused on piloting mecha, quick resolution, and meaningful die rolls. 
  • Setting material is presented in first-person format to help you immediately settlee into the world of Ready Zero and Xibalba Station's mission.     
  • This game includes everything you need to play -- setting material, rules, character creation options, prebuilt mecha, adversary builds, and weapons/equipment.  
  • Ready Zero includes rules for designing new MiNoTAUR mecha and Xrafstra adversaries.
  • Future supplements and additions to the core book will add more options and deepen the setting.  
  • Keep on the lookout for the upcoming mecha/biomech designer as well as the Mechanical Catalog supplement.  Coming soon.  
Price: $4.75

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