Saturday, 9 February 2019

Master of the Rogue Spire Quickstart Guide

Master of the Rogue Spire Quickstart Guide:

Master of the Rogue Spire Quickstart Guide
Publisher: Samuraifight LLC

QUICKSTART GUIDE for Master of the Rogue Spire.

Master of the Rogue Spire is a new RPG system with simple rules, lots of customization, and an old-school feel. Instead of trying to recreate the rules of the first tabletop role-playing games, we took all the polyhedral dice that we love and crafted a new system that captures the free-wheeling adventure of playing classic fantasy RPGs in the '80s. What we add to the mix is a tactical core mechanic where players must weigh the risk of every action. 

This guide only offers a small subset of the rules so that you can get acquainted with the base mechanics. Character creation, level advancement, purchasing items, advanced tactic options and more are provided in the full rules volumes.

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