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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Gishes & Goblins

Gishes & Goblins:

Gishes & Goblins
Publisher: Saelorn

You've played a lot of games before, about elven wizards going into dark caverns to vanquish dragons. Well, here's another one.

  • Nine races, including elves, halflings, and half-ogres!
  • Four classes, each with three sub-classes, from druid to warlord!
  • Forty-Two feat-like things, for further customization!
  • Eighteen skills!
  • Ninety-Eight spells, across seven ranks of spellcasting!
  • Forty-Five monsters, with simple guidelines to make more!
  • One, unified d20 mechanic, which you'll probably find familiar.
Real talk, though. Every one of these games has the same races, classes, and spells. Every game uses a slight variation on the same mechanics. You want to know what this game has, that others don't. Consider the following:

  • Simplified stats. You don't need to figure out the stat, then convert it to a modifier, and then never check the actual stat score again. You just add your whole stat, whenever it would be relevant!
  • Meaningful progression. You actually get better at defending yourself, at the same rate you get better at hitting!
  • Training matters more than your basic stats. A fighter who is trained in History will know more about history than a wizard who is not!
  • Low-level wizards have enough spell slots to feel useful, but there aren't any infinite-use cantrips that would make magic feel trivial!
  • Slower healing means you don't need to cram 6-8 combats into every single adventuring day, just for them to have some impact!
  • Monsters are actually capable of defending themselves. A boss monster can be a match for three same-level adventurers, all on its own!
Yes, it's another one of those games, but you haven't read this one yet! Maybe it will suit your own vision, as it suits mine. If nothing else, maybe it will give you some ideas for how to develop your own game!

Price: $7.00

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